What jobs will be in demand in 2021?

Are you wondering, which professions will be the easiest to get a job in 2021? We’ve prepared a short list, on which you can find the most looked for (and in some cases – also well paid) jobs in 2021.

1. Software developers

The 2020 and coronavirus pandemic changed many things in our lives, one of them being high level of digitization. While many stores decided to go online as well, the number of developers needed to make it work are higher than ever. This branch of labor market was short-handed for years, but now the needs are really high. Good thing is, that in most cases you can learn the web designing on online courses. What is more – many companies are interested in hiring people with basic knowledge to train them. The software developers are also really good paid.

2. Registered nurses

As mentioned before, 2020 had been a challenging year, both psychically and economically. But, what is more, it has shown also a really alarming trend: lacks in employment in health care. In some countries, the average age of nurses is over 50, which means that in a decade or so, there will be no one to take care of patients in hospitals. The lacks are visible right now, but they will grow rapidly with every year. There are many reasons for this situation: first of all, this job is really hard and you need to be prepared for many situations. Secondly – sadly, most of the public hospitals don’t pay their medical workers enough. We think, that this trend will change, as governments start to notice the issue. The real thing is: will they be able to fix it before medical care systems fall?

The work might be demanding, but it’s still one of the most rewarding ones. If you are already employed as a nurse, there are certain steps you can take to improve your position and your paycheck. Nowadays, there are flexible online courses that can equip you with the skills necessary to advance. For instance, you can learn about pediatric advanced life support and the techniques that will get you PALS certified online, under an hour.

A professionally written CV – a better chance of getting a job!

3. Teachers

For a few years already, the number of people, who choose purely academic careers is lower than ever. Many schools find it hard to hire a good teacher and sometimes, they even ask the retired ones to come back, because there is no one to teach the kids. The work is hard and not paid enough in comparison to many positions on the labor market, so many young people find it unprofitable. Will it change?

4. All types of specialists

And by that, we mean not only office workers, but also constructors, electricians, plumbers and others. People now have a tendency to ask for a professional help instead of fixing things on their own (which is a good thing), but the number of above mentioned is going down.

If you are working in any of mentioned above, you might want to polish your resume a bit: 2021 might be your year! If you hadn’t applied for a new job in years, check out some resume examples: they will help you prepare some up-to-date document for employers.

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