Six best mobile app development tips for startups

Online presence and usage of applications have become more prevalent than ever. Right from traveling to making dining reservations and purchasing daily groceries, there is a mobile application for every task. Did you know that there are over two million mobile applications online lately? The fascinating part is that only two percent of them are successful. That explains that the companies and startups of the remaining 98% of mobile applications are wrong in some direction.

As a Mobile App Development Company, there are certain things you need to take care of when creating applications. Here’s a list of the six most valuable tips to keep in mind while doing so.

1.  Know what the users’ likes and dislikes are

Developing an application with features that users don’t like can land you in the 98% slot discussed above. The best way to know what users like and dislike is by checking online reviews and maybe even conducting online surveys. However, the first method is both cost and time-efficient. You can check the reviews of users on similar existing apps or apps that belong to your niche. Doing so can provide you an insight into the users’ interests, current trends, etc. Check if any common elements and things are bothering the users about other applications and try to avoid implementing those in your application. That way, your chances of standing out will improve drastically.

2.  Choose the right features and platform

Let’s face it no one wants to have an application on their smart devices if it is not helpful. So be careful when deciding the features you want to implement in the application. Ensure that your mobile app has the right features and is beneficial to people. Similarly, it’s vital to study the platforms on which your applications will be available online. Each platform is different, so make sure that the aesthetic and features of your application align with all platforms and fit in the right category. Research whether your application meets parameters set by the platforms to make it appropriate.

3.  Make it simple

The best way to increase the frequency and duration of users using your mobile application is by keeping the interface simple. Think of smartphones. They are easy to use. People of all ages can scroll through the options and use its primary functions. Your mobile application is no different. Keep in mind your target audience and choose a simple and easy-to-use interface. Despite great design and appearance, users may uninstall the application if they find it difficult to use. For instance, if you create an online shopping application, ensure the user can easily search and filter through various brands, price ranges, and options. If they have to spend several minutes looking for a checkout page, they are less likely to use the application again.

4.  Minimize ads and banners

Advertising and ad revenue is the primary source of income for mobile applications, especially for free ones. But overusing advertisements and banners may hinder the user’s browser experience. So how to advertise and maintain user retention, you ask? Simple, the first thing is to use only relevant advertisements. Next is the placement of advertisements and banners within the application. Make sure that the advertisement is visible and in the right spot and at the same time is not cluttering the screen. So, analyze whether the application is relevant and position them strategically without overusing.

5.  SEO and ASO

Analytics is the key to the visibility and success of any website, online store, or mobile application. As mentioned above, there are millions of mobile applications available in the application stores. So, ranking better in the search results and recommendations plays a vital role in standing out from the competitors. Make sure to use proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (Application Store Optimization) while creating the application. Perform thorough keyword research and use them appropriately so that your application appears when users type in those keywords. Similarly, ASO is equally important, and the techniques for platforms may differ. So ensure to optimize your application according to the ASO guidelines of the platforms.

6.  Choose the right people

Remember that a good mobile application is a result of an exceptional developer. So, always hire and opt for the best developers with adequate knowledge about the platforms. Having experienced iOS and Android developers working on the application can guarantee you better results than having one person with mixed knowledge about various platforms. That way, both the developers can ensure that the application reaches the parameters set by both platforms and take care of the guidelines. So, look for a developer with adequate knowledge about the technology to create high-quality mobile applications with low to no technical errors.

Final Thoughts

Those were the six valuable mobile app development tips for startups. SEO and ASO play a vital role in your application’s success. Thus, follow the best practices to rank better on the search results. Testing is also a crucial part of the development process. Test your app thoroughly until the day of launch and fix any bugs to enhance the user experience. Test the application across various platforms to analyze its efficiency better.


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