Five Apps you should download to celebrate your Africanness this Africa Day

“I am an African, not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa is born in me.” This quote by the late Ghanaian politician Kwame Nkrumah highlights the spirit of the continent, as well as the excellence, talent and global contributions that have sprouted from it over the years. Africans have much to be proud of, and celebrating ones Africanness, and what it means to be an African, is vitally important.

One of the days where this happens, though it should be an ongoing endeavor, is Africa Day, which acknowledges the progress that the continent has made while also reflecting on the common challenges that Africa faces in a global environment. Africa Day is intended to celebrate the successes of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU, now the African Union or AU), since its creation on 25 May 1963. The day aims to promote African unity, deeper regional integration and recommit Africa to a common destiny.

HUAWEI Mobile Services has put together a few Apps that will help you to get to know Africa a little better this Africa Day.

What better way to express your Africanness than through music? Explore various genres from all over the continent with hand-crafted playlists on HUAWEI Music. If you’re looking to get down to some of the popular music in South Africa, then you will love the Gqom Queens, Mzansi Rocks, iSpoti 4 Life, Best of TNS, Best of Shekhinah, and Klankbaan Van My Lewe playlists. If you’re practicing your dance moves while attempting to make Jollof Rice for the first time and need some inspiration,  try out these amazing Nigerian playlists featuring; Best of cKay, Best of Burna Boy, Best of Tekno, Best of Shatta Wale, Best of Ycee, and Best of Wizkid. If you’re looking for some Afro Pop, Dance Hall or Pop with Soulful Gospel you will appreciate the music compilations of Kenyan artists such as Best of Redsan, Best of Sauti Sol, and Best of Bahati.

Stay inspired with African Proverbs

If you’re looking for profound words to share with family and friends this Africa Day, this App has a big selection of African proverbs to inspire and motivate, including Ethiopian, Kenyan, Swahili, and Nigerian proverbs to mention a few. Proverbs of wisdom and inspiration are important to the African culture since they have been passed down for generations. The diversity and dexterity of the African people have imbibed them with a unique sense of wisdom and experience, and these proverbs and quotes are as relevant to the modern world as they were hundreds of years ago.


Keep up to date on trending news with Opera News

Opera News’ personalised news aggregator summarises the massive amount of daily news into one powerful feed. In short, this App makes staying informed easy. Sorting through hundreds of thousands of stories each day, Opera finds the perfect content that suits you. You’ll have a selection of African and international news sources with 18,000+ sources from all the top publishers. You’ll also receive breaking news notifications. And it’s not all about serious journalism; there’s plenty of lifestyle and entertainment articles to enjoy and share with friends as well.


Pack for any climate with guidance from the Weather Forecast

Wondering what the weather has in store for you today? No matter where you are, this weather App provides you with accurate and detailed weather forecast information, including hourly, daily, weekly and monthly forecasts. You can also view detailed local and global weather reports and the App is updated every minute to provide you with accurate forecasts.

Use the hourly weather feature to track the current conditions. The real-time weather report can also provide you with future hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts. So, if you’re planning a trip to one of the many countries on the continent, then this App will come in very handy, especially when you are packing. Furthermore, once you’ve reached your destination, you can see what the weather predictions are for your time there.

Unlimited information in the palm of your hands with Petal Search

On Petal Search, users can search for and find virtually any information and multimedia. Offering several ways to search content with its multi search inputs functionality, Petal Search is a convenient search engine that enables users to search for content by way of text, voice, or visual search. If you want to learn more about the 54 countries on the African continent, such as languages, cultures, food, history, and music, then Petal Search can help you dig a little deeper.

From the HUAWEI Mobile Services team, here’s to being African and celebrating our Africanness. These Apps, and many more available from HUAWEI AppGallery spotlight the nuances of the continent, as well as provide a vast array of helpful information on it.


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