HUAWEI’s Developer Programme helps African, game-changing app developers reach new heights

With Africa Day having recently passed, HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) continues to celebrate emerging African developers who are shaking things up in the tech space. What makes it exciting is that these developers are creating Apps and games that are uniquely African, which will then expose the rest of the World to what the African continent has to offer.

The Huawei Developer Programme provides developers with comprehensive support, empowers developers by putting their skills to use and gives developers the platform to innovate from scratch, contributing to the entire App lifecycle from ideation to development.

It’s game-on for these developers

For developer Zane Espin, game development has always been an interest of his, but he only started really learning about it in December 2015. “It has been a passion of mine to bring my ideas and dreams to life and make them interactive. I enjoy the various skills you need to develop games. Game development is a meta-art. I enjoy the challenge of having to be both logical and creative,” he explains.

His most recent developed mobile game is called Gauntlet, which earned him the prestigious HUAWEI Apps UP 2020 Innovation Award for Best Game. The game was inspired by 80s era games like Space Invaders and Galaga. He also has another award-winning app called Slug Hunter that received the HUAWEI Apps UP 2020 Honourable Mention Award, which he says speaks to his love of science fiction.  Apart from following a childhood passion, Espin wanted to introduce a person of colour as a protagonist in the gaming space. He shares that he will continue doing his part to address under-representation in the gaming tech industry.

An App that has been receiving a lot of attention in recent times is My Pregnancy Journey. This educational pregnancy App was not only named as the winner of the HUAWEI Apps UP 2020 Innovation Award for Best App, but also won the inaugural Category 15 Award, at the 2020 MTN App of the Year Awards. This new category recognised and rewarded HMS integrated Apps.

Creator Jacqueline Rogers started her first business when she fell pregnant, before coming across shocking statistics around pregnancies in Africa. She looked around at pregnancy App platforms, but discovered that none of these focused on Africa, or any other third World country. Selling her first business, her App development journey began.

“Our future plans are to create a whole digital pregnancy ecosystem, especially now with our global pandemic. Technology has become more important than ever in creating resilient healthcare models for the future and beyond. My Pregnancy Journey App already fills many gaps in the market, but we see many other gaps that we plan on targeting including creating a Baby and Toddler App,” Rogers reveals.

Empowering developers with app integration and training

Since becoming part of the HUAWEI Developer family, Nthambeleni, Espin and Rogers share that HUAWEI Mobile Services  has actively engaged them and has assisted with the integration and training on how to use the HMS Core tools and kits, which in return helps them monetise their Apps. Furthermore, with HMS, there is also local presence and support, which they both find helpful when needing to speak to someone regarding their development work.

There are too many good developers out there sitting on great ideas, and HMS challenges all African developers, to dust off the cobwebs on your abandoned coding and prompt you to give it another try. Now is the time to start exploring coding, testing and trying out ideas to make App user’s lives more entertaining and convenient. With HMS offering easier development, you too can join the multitude of developers using the HMS platform to innovate, develop and monetise apps with access to the company’s massive user base.

Getting started

Looking to become a developer? Then you will find these tips from Nthambeleni, Espin and Rogers helpful:

  • Put yourself out there, look for competitions, acceleration programmes and start building a network of people in the tech space.
  • Always focus on the end users when creating your Apps. Even if you have the best looking or the best architected App, end users still need to use the App with ease.
  • Just start! Don’t let any challenges stop you from getting started.
  • Once you’ve started, get into the habit of finishing, even if your project is not perfect. This is because getting into the habit from the beginning will help you with future projects.

To register and gain access to developer activities, visit the HUAWEI Developer webpage by clicking here.

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