Best Hip Hop Albums of the Millenium

Hip hop has been around for decades now and has had its fair share of fantastic albums. A lot of hip-hop artists have come and gone, and some albums have managed to stand the test of time. Below, we list a few of the best hip-hop albums of the millennium. Make sure that you choose a favorite that you can listen to as you play games for enhanced gameplay.

YG,  Still Brazy

Still Brazy is YG’s second studio album and people have fallen in love with it because of its west touch and political reach that has a fine fusion. It is an album that is appropriate for the era it was released.

In the album, he collaborates with Terrace Martin and Swish. Take a time to listen to tracks like ‘Let me ride’ and ‘The day the Niggaz took over’. Tracks in the album are good at bringing that Nigga thought and that edge to show the passion of the Nigga to live another life.

Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP

When it comes to Hip Hop, who does not know Eminem? And, when it comes to albums, who does not know Slim Shady EP? This piece was a reflection of Dr. Dre’s foundation, coupled with some jovial and humor from this artist. A wide pop canon was revealed by tracks like ‘The Ream Slim Shady’ and ‘The way I am.’

His real-life tremors are grotesquely revealed through the talented voice of Eminem. It is a full-course hip-hop meal that has its cores bouncing on topics of real-life menace. If you ask us, we really think that it is amazing how Eminem endorses his real-life experience in this EP.

 Missy Elliott,  Miss E…So Addictive

Yes, some might have termed some tracks pure noise like tracks that play online casinos, but put Missy Elliot was on top, and everyone else followed. She marked her territory throughout the album. The album is a daring one and people must take time to listen to her sheer confidence and extraordinary strong lyrics.

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