Mother’s Day: Get your mum a Huawei wearable or a MatePad

You might be on the hunt for a fantastic gift that shows how much you love and care for your mother? Sending a box of chocolate, flowers, or gifting the most expensive piece of jewels might seem outdated nowadays. What if the best gift this year is to show how much you care for her health and wellbeing by offering her a Huawei GT2 or Watchfit or a MatePad T10 or HUAWEI MatePad T10s?

Buy HUAWEI GT2 at Kshs 24,999 or HUAWEI Watchfit at Kshs 11,999 and get free Bluetooth Headphone and Water Bottle or HUAWEI MatePad T10s at Kshs 34,999 or HUAWEI MatePad T10 at Kshs 28,999 and get a free Powerbank.

As a matter of fact, most mothers don’t have time to go to the gym or keep up with specific classes’ timings. Having a fitness wearables ready to use is one of the best options to keep them on track with their health. Offering these options will allow your mum to have more freedom and flexibility to organize her daily workout, keep her up to date on the tips and tricks of working out, counts her daily calories, steps, and much more.

During her free time Mums can use the HUAWEI MatePad to perform tasks efficiently on the go as they continue to work from home. The HUAWEI MatePad features a beautiful display, powerful performance and a wide range of smart features that transform any location into a mobile classroom or theatre.

It is a versatile productivity enabler, an entertainment companion and a smart assistant, all wrapped in one sleek package. Parental control options let mums easily manage the content and apps that is available to their children, as well as the time the children can spend on the device.

To promote healthy device use, the Kids Corner includes eye protection modes like blue light filter, posture alerts, bumpy road alerts, brightness alerts, distance alerts and eBook mode to provide a more comfort experience.

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