Different products that can be designed with a 3D configurator

3D product configuration can improve the overall selling experience for the consumer as well as the manufacturer. A growing number of brands are choosing to harness the marketing power of 3D product configuration to sell their products online. From shoes and cosmetics to cars and even homes, there is an endless list of products that can be reimagined and reconfigured to suit the individual needs of the consumer. Continue reading to find out how 3D product configuration has revolutionised a number of different industries and sectors in recent years.


Bicycle enthusiasts can now benefit from designing their new bike from the ground up. Whether you cycle to work on a daily basis or just use your wheels as a means of getting from A to B, this service can benefit everyday bikers and professionals alike. Consumers interested in this exciting new venture have the opportunity to personalise a wide range of individual elements in order to construct a brand-new bicycle from scratch. From the wheels and the frame to the handlebars and even the seat, each aspect will be hand-selected and tailored made by you and for you. You will also be able to view the running cost of your bike in real-time. This allows you to make any adjustments as you go and prevents overspending. With the opportunity to consult with the manufacturer at every step of the way during the initial design process, you can also make a series of last-minute changes before finalising your purchase. 


As well as bicycles, luxury watchmakers are now jumping on the 3D configuration bandwagon to offer customers the opportunity to produce their dream wristwatch from scratch. Constructed to the same high levels of craftsmanship and design, you can choose from a wide variety of custom elements to ensure your watch is as individual as you are. You can customise the dial, face, strap, hands, logo, date wheel and even include a personalised set of engraved initials to create the perfect gift for a special friend or loved one. A 3D watch configurator can help you create a unique product that is guaranteed to please any lucky recipient. A 3D watch configurator can tap into a series of programmes, tools, protocols, and guidelines to ensure your final product complements the vision you had in your head for your brand-new, tailored timepiece. Watches can be an investment. It can be tricky to find the perfect one to suit your budget and lifestyle. This can enhance customer experience and brand loyalty. 


Furniture is the latest product to be revolutionised by 3D configuration technology. With the opportunity to redesign your entire home from scratch, you can ensure your choice of interior is unique to you. Whether you work from home and require a chair designed to your individual health needs and requirements or you want a living room that is guaranteed to wow your guests, 3D configuration may be the solution for you. All you need to do is select your model, customise your product and download your final design. The manufacturer will then turn your design into reality. You can inject your home with a sense of individuality and originality with tailor-made, custom-designed soft furnishings, fixtures, and fittings. The online furniture market is booming but it also poses a number of risks for the buyer. What if my new sofa doesn’t fit my space? How will that colour translate from screen to reality? How big are those chairs compared to the sofa? What if I’m not happy with the final result? There are a number of factors you must consider before you commit to purchasing furniture through an online vendor. By envisioning how their new furniture will look within the size and dimensions of their living space, 3D configurators can provide customers with the opportunity to bring the product to life which can increase overall brand confidence and loyalty.


The luxury car market can be competitive. Car owners are constantly looking for new ways to be the best. This starts with having the best. More and more car manufacturers are turning to cutting-edge 3D configuration technology to allow consumers the opportunity to design each and every aspect of their new vehicle from the wheels to the bonnet. This combined with brand loyalty can improve customer relations and increase customer retention for long-established, reputable car manufacturers. The levels of customisation can differ from brand to brand, but most sites offer similar degrees of modification. For example, car owners can control the model, colour scheme, interior, driving options, and even have their say on a series of additional extras. You are then presented with a final overview of your vehicle to allow you to make any last-minute changes before finalising your purchase and proceeding with the sale. Designing your own car can also save you time and money in the long run. By only selecting the features you intend to use, you are less likely to shell out for any additional extras over time. You are also less likely to be surprised by any unexpected repairs or maintenance if you are informed of your vehicle’s construction process and the components involved at every step of the way. Many car manufacturers allow you to design your new car for free with no obligation to make a purchase. This can allow you to shop around for the best deal and select the car manufacturer that can offer you a final product that closely aligns with your vision.


Style is the highest form of individuality. Our clothes and shoes can allow us to express our originality in any way we see fit. Shoes were one of the first products to incorporate 3D configuration technology and offer sneakerheads the chance to move away from uniformity on a mass-produced scale and design their own shoes step-by-step. You start off by selecting a basic template. You can then customise each individual element using a handy online 3D configurator. This includes the base, tongue, sole, laces, and even down to the eyelets. You can then choose from a wide range of colours options to finalise your design and send it to the manufacturer for processing. Customisation can allow brands to market to the masses. This can increase customer satisfaction and lead to increased profits over time. According to a recent study, 74% of consumer feel frustrated when websites have not been tailored to their individual browsing history. Customers are much more likely to engage with and shop with a company that has taken their needs and wants into consideration. By jumping on the bandwagon, brands can stay ahead of the curve and give their customers what they want.

3D product configuration has had a dramatic impact on the e-commerce industry in recent years. There is a growing number of products able to be redesigned and customised by the consumer for the consumer in today’s 3D product market. Personalisation surrounds our daily lives. Consumers have come to expect a level of customisation from each and every brand they choose to shop with. By allowing shoppers to design their own products, you can improve customer relationships and guarantee a higher return on investment.

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