With LG’s new TONE Free wireless earbuds, your hygiene is not compromised

There are personal items that we can willingly share out with friends and relatives to use (for a period of time or during emergencies) and then give us back without any qualms or apprehension. These may include shirts, trousers, jackets, and even socks, but (definitely) not handkerchiefs and under garments.

Our clothing items and accessories aside, we also from time to time have to share our electronic devices – from our sunglasses (or shades), to watches and earphones – with friends, relatives or colleagues for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve acquired a new set of stylish shades and your friend(s) just want to get a feel of them for a few hours (or even days); your colleague has been gifted with a classic watch as part of a new sales promo and you decide to try it out; or you’ve finally received your latest order of earphones from an online retailer and your friend(s) swear that it has the best audio quality around and can’t just take their hands off the device.

And talking of earphones, LG Electronics has just introduced to the local market its new TONE Free earbuds.

Innovative and futuristic in every aspect, the TONE Free earbuds – which are available in two models, HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN4 – accord the user an exceptional listening experience.

To ensure that they remain clean, hygienic and germ-free, the audio devices come fitted with an industry-first UVnano case that eliminates bacteria and germs on the earbuds as they charge.

Now, apart from our mobile phones which research has shown habour an incredible amount of germs, earphones also collect dirt when in use, from both our hands when we’re holding them and from our ears where we insert them when we’re listening to audio clips or music.

When it comes to mobile phones and the dirt they collect, a 2017 study  by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the phones of high school students while another study by scientists at the University of Arizona found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. And now moving to earbuds, which we mostly use with our mobile phones, studies have shown that earbuds can harbor more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board, which in turn leads to potential ear infections.

Now remember we talked about sharing and giving our earphones to our friends to use once in a while and the hygiene fears and concerns that this practice comes with at the beginning of the post. Now we see that such concerns are not unfounded and without a basis, they’re real.

However, with the LG TONE Free EarBuds, one need not worry when sharing them out with others.

The LG TONE Free FN6 model’s charging case is furnished with UV Nano technology which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria while charging, thereby eliminating the risk of the user contracting infections from the speaker mesh.

An industry first, this model of the TONE Free earbuds offers the user’s ear care that has not been thought of before by rival manufacturers, ensuring that the user has total peace of mind when keeping themselves updated on current trends by listening to their favourite podcasts or while relaxing and immersing themselves in their preferred music tracks.

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