LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds: Perfectly balanced for your everyday comfort and listening pleasure 

The first statement in the Product Factsheet of the LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds states that they’re ‘Balanced Perfectly’ in terms of Design. I’m sure there are many people who’re curious (and even surprised) as to why this should be such a key feature to highlight and exalt in an audio device.

Well, apart from sound quality and control features, balance or how well an earbud (or earphone) fits into the ear when in use is actually a critical consideration for consumers of these devices. Imagine having earbuds which keep coming off when you’re taking your evening stroll around the neighbourhood or the ones which just can’t stay in place when you’re out jogging, either in the morning or evening.  Or the earbud models which have to be forced into your ears and leave you feeling sore and irritated just a few minutes of having them plugged on to your ears. This can indeed be very frustrating to the user.

Such concerns are what the design at LG Electronics sought to address when developing on working on the brand’s TONE Free Wireless Earbuds currently available in the local market in to 2 models – HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN4 – from all brandshops, online brandshop and Hotpoint outlets.

In addition to offering the user the best in audio quality and sound experiences, the LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds come packaged with other cutting-edge features. In terms of design, the earbuds are weighted and balanced, ensuring that they stay firmly in the ear when plugged on.


Going back to the ‘Balanced Perfectly’ tagline we’d mentioned at the beginning of the post, this means that the earbuds are designed in a way that they are balanced with the majority of the weight resting in the ear for comfort, enabling them to stay in place and to keep them from falling off the ear.

The symmetrical balance in design further ensures that the earbuds perfectly fit in the ear, thereby allowing for a combination of comfort as well as inability and resistance to fall out of the user’s ears while plugged in.

Away from the perfect balance which ensures that they don’t fall off the user’s ears, the LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds have been made with medical- grade Silicone ear gel which has a soft and comfortable fit.

The devices come encased in the soft, medical-grade silicone ear gel for the user’s overall comfort, ensuring convenience and peace of mind while in use. The earbuds are made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, thereby proving the user with all day confidence and comfort despite touching the user’s skin.

Still on balance and design, the LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds ensure that the user has balanced sound experience. This is because the upper microphone is designed to enhance noise reduction and echo cancelling, while the lower microphone, on the other hand, ensures clear clearer voice pick-up with no distortions.

Finally, and now to experience its other advanced features, why not go to the LG brandshop and purchase one of the two models and have it delivered free of charge to your preferred location?


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