4 Efficient Association Management Systems for Online Collaboration

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

Teamwork does indeed make the dream work. No matter what business or industry you belong to, working with other people is often a requirement. Cooperation is a highly valued skill, this means you can join other people and work together as a unit.

Working together has its benefits along with its unique challenges. These challenges are often what hinder teams from achieving their fullest potential. Be it communication problems, task delegation, or whatever it may be, working together can’t be avoided.

However, how people work together is a different discussion. Working with other people is a task in and of itself and you don’t want to make a challenge even harder because you lack the appropriate tools.

It’s like trying to hammer down a nail with a screwdriver, it can work but it just makes things harder considering there is an easier solution. Acquiring the best tools for the job is an investment for future endeavors.

So no matter where your team is or what you are working on, you want the best tools out there. These tools can help your team work together as a military unit.

Online Collaboration Tools

Tools to help in online teamwork can’t be found in the hardware store or IKEA. These tools generally come in the form of applications that help you to communicate and interact with one another.

These tools can be used for different purposes, some may help carry a message while others help present an idea. There is an array of tools available for you and your team. It’s all about what you want and need out of a tool.

A good example of a tool for online collaboration would be an association management system. These are also known as membership software and are applications that help organizations to coordinate their actions.

This is often done by providing a chat system along with a joint calendar that syncs everyone’s pacing. Through these tools, everyone that is needed can be kept in the loop and constantly updated about the process.

Commonly association management systems make use of:

  1. Producing a database for everyone involved
  2. A means of communication
  3. Assignment of roles

Different systems provide these services in their own ways but all work together to make collaborating online easier.

Efficient Software for Online Collaboration

With the many choices of online tools available, we are here to provide you with a few suggestions. These are just a few of the many possible solutions.

1.     Flowdock

Flowdock is a platform that allows social team collaboration. Through this application, teams acquire a variety of inbox and chatting features. You can imagine this as a modern charting software that is specially made for group projects.

Among the notable features is threading, which allows people to reply to a specific message and make a “thread”. This “thread” lets teammates pinpoint specific messages without getting lost in the discussion.

This is a simple feature that can be found in a ton of other tools but deserves a special mention. The threading feature for Flowdock color codes everything so that jumping from one topic to another is easily achieved.

Their website also mentions the “1:1 flows” that lets teammates discreetly discuss certain topics without notifying other people. This is a personal message because not every bit of information should be heard by everyone.

Overall, Flowdock is a very well-balanced tool that encourages teamwork and collaboration. That is highlighted because of their chatting systems.

2.     Todoist

Todoist is a task management application that helps to manage your personal and professional productivity. This serves as a modern and more detailed checklist for all of your productivity needs.

There are a ton of features that make sure you get through the day accomplishing every task you have set out. However, certain features can only be accessed with the paid and full versions.

Todoist is a cross-platform application, meaning you can use it on your phone, laptop, or whatever device that you are ready for. It allows you to arrange all of your responsibilities the way you want to see them, personalization is a key feature of Todoist.

This tool works online so you don’t need to worry about losing your checklist when you lose connection. Other than simply listing your tasks, you can arrange them by color and priority, letting Todoist know which to remind you of.

As mentioned, Todoist works great for personal and professional use. You can have a quick overview of your tasks for the day and communicate with others. Todoist can connect to your email and have others view what time you are free and when you can have meetings.

Other than telling others about your schedule, you can also utilize Todoist to delegate certain tasks. This informs the teammates of what they need to do and gives you a way to monitor the progress.

Among the key features is a progress tracker which tells you how many tasks you have accomplished over a certain amount of time. This can give you a sense of accomplishment by taking a look back at everything you have done.

Overall, Todoist is a great application for personal productivity but an even greater tool for online collaboration. Sometimes working as a team also involves working on yourself before working together.

3.     GoToMeeting

Another great tool for communication would be GoToMeeting, this application is well known for video conferences. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables efficient communication among the people involved.

Having a team work together efficiently means they get to communicate efficiently as well. Some meetings and discussions need to be conducted through a video conference or with screen sharing for visual aids.

Different teams have different projects, each with their different needs. Sometimes, this means needing a reliable video conferencing service. GoToMeeting provides this and allows teammates to even have transcriptions for the video calls.

4.     Slack

Slack is another application used for communication among teams. This is just as reliable as the aforementioned Flowdock along with similar features like threading and direct messages. Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information they need.

Communicating with your team, boss, or even customers is so important that you might need other chatting tools. Slack provides an easy-to-use charting software that can help in managing your project along with delegations.

It has all that you would expect from a chatting application and more. Slack is specially altered for business and does great in this area. Other than direct and group messages, Slack gives your team different channels.

These channels can have different topics and even varying members. This allows for simple and efficient communication without different ideas and topics getting mixed and lost. Speaking of getting lost, that doesn’t happen in Slack.

Slack prides itself with a message searching feature that allows you to read back into a specific message from a long time ago. This helps to make sure you can get accurate information despite everyone forgetting what exactly was said.

This can also save a bunch of time since you don’t need to scroll miles as you stare at the different messages hoping to find one key statement.

Key Takeaways

Teamwork is incredibly crucial and it allows people to accomplish something bigger than themselves. Something that one person alone simply couldn’t do. Having an effective team effort can help push your business, team, or organization forward.

This can only be accomplished if you can work together as a team. Whether you’re stuck in quarantine or separated by miles and miles of land and sea, working as a team is still possible.

There is a huge collection of tools and association management systems available and you get the pick of the litter. No matter what your team is trying to accomplish, having the tools to help you work together will go a long way.

Working on team projects without the proper tools is like rowing a dragon boat but without any paddles or a drum to synchronize your efforts. You can try to brute force efforts but in the end, you’re making your life harder.

Make sure to get your paddles and drums, life already has enough challenges and you don’t want to be navigating the ocean of life with sub-par equipment.

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