Celebrate Friendship day with Nokia smartphones

Friendship day is here – a day that we celebrate a special group of people in our lives-our friends. They stand by us, celebrate, and mourn with us. They add tremendous joy and happiness in our lives and as we celebrate them today, why not gift them a practical, meaningful gift that adds value to their lives?

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, gives you a wide range of budget-friendly smartphones with great specs that your friend will no doubt love, trust and want to keep. The smartphones also come with functional storage space for all your friend’s memories. One such phone is the Nokia G10.

Equipped with a big screen, with the Nokia G10, your friend will love and enjoy their favorite movies, TV and apps. The device also comes with brightness boost ensuring that can do so even in brighter daylight.

Does your friend often need a power bank? Are they constantly on their phone and always forgets their charger? Your friend will want to keep the Nokia G10 which comes with a battery that goes for days – not hours – between charges, allowing them to enjoy the device without a worry of low battery or carrying a charger around.

Equipped with a triple rear camera with enhanced imagery solutions, you and your friend can capture special friendship memories with a device that allows you to capture clear and crisp video and images. The 64GB storage expandable to 512 ensures that special memories are stored away safely.

We all want our friendships to stand the test of time and we jealously guard them from crumbling right? Well, HMD global also wants the Nokia G10 to stand the test of time and stay secure from security attacks. Three years of security updates ensures that the device is free from malware attacks and you’ve got a phone that you trust will stand the test of time. The Nokia G10 also comes with the latest Android 11 and two years of software upgrades, ensuring that the device has the latest software and is up to date.

As we celebrate Friendship Day, surprise your friend with a thoughtful gift from the Nokia smartphone range . You can get more information about the device on the Nokia portal and purchase it in any mobile shop within the region. Restrictions may keep you away from having a celebratory lunch or dinner, but you can still celebrate them and put a smile on their face. Buy your friend a Nokia G10, a device they will love, trust, and want to keep just like your friendship.

The Nokia G10 smartphone can be purchased at a store near you from Kshs 14,999.


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