Global PC shipments up by 15% year-on-year in second quarter of 2021

Global PC demand continued to grow in the second quarter of 2021 amid component shortages, with shipments increasing by 15% YoY to 80.1 million during the quarter, according to Counterpoint Research’s latest data. The growth was largely driven by work-from-home and distance learning requirements triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. In terms of shipment mix, both commercial and consumer demand remained strong, with models from the former category outpacing the latter one.

The global PC supply chain has been experiencing component shortages for the past several months, resulting in an imbalance between orders and actual shipments. This situation is not expected to improve in the second half of the year. Therefore, according to Counterpoint Research, the market may not see normal seasonal trends in the PC market in 2021, as accumulated orders cannot be fulfilled anytime soon.

With the pandemic continuing to drive demand, global PC shipments are likely to reach another peak this year since the early 2010s. Research Analyst William Li said: “We expect double-digit shipment growth in 2021 but have reduced the number slightly to factor in component shortages and Chromebook sales slowdown. In 2022, demand triggered by the new Windows 11 and post-pandemic work patterns will not be sufficient to further boost the gigantic expansion of 2021. Therefore, we may see a relatively soft market next year.”

Global PC Shipments by Vendor, Q2 2021

Counterpoint Research - Q2 2021 Global PC shipments

Lenovo stayed ahead in the market in the second quarter of 2021 with a 25% share. The company is likely to extend its dominance and outperform the global PC market. HP’s 23% share marked its stability in the enterprise market, though its growth momentum was partly offset by decelerating Chromebook shipments. Dell also leveraged the elevated commercial demand to gain 20% YoY and push forward its market share to 17%. Apple’s 22% YoY growth in the quarter supported its 7.5% market share despite severe component shortages.

Counterpoint Research - Q2 2021 Global PC brand share

Thanks to the introduction of Apple Silicon M1, Macs had their greatest second quarter sales ever and reached 6 million shipments in the quarter and 90% Macs are powered by M1 chips. Associate Director Brady Wang said: “The M1 can meet most of the general demands. However, it is not only a replacement for the Intel CPU but also allows Apple to develop new apps and create fully controlled ecosystems. Furthermore, M1-powered Macs can help Apple improve its profit margin by increasing Mac store sales and lowering production expenses.”


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