Complete job application process in Walmart – Reviews 2021

Getting an employment opportunity and receiving a job appointment letter is a thrilling experience, especially when it is your first job. Walmart is one of the most popular business chains, and they have a vast operating retail business chain module. As Walmart is handling many employees and the mass numbers of consumers, they always select their employees through a multiple selection process.

When you check the orientation process of Walmart, you will realize why this largest retail chain group is such a smooth runner. In general, the companies allot one hour to one day for the orientation. But when you are in Walmart orientation, the concepts are entirely different. They are scheduling three days for their employee orientations.

5 steps for complete job application process in Walmart

And before the orientations, Walmart is organizing five-step selection procedures for their interested candidates. In 2021 Walmart is creating multiple job opportunities for freshers and experienced employees. And many freshers are stepping into the retail business with Walmart.

Getting a job in Walmart is a good career opportunity like the real estate job options from the real estate investment trusts. However, from this one opening, you will get multiple choices. So let’s see what the numerous selection process you have to overcome to get the job opportunity in Walmart is.

Step 1: Submit the application

Walmart hiring Kiosk is the best place where you can submit your job application. But now, Walmart is accepting only the online application process. Other than the online application process, when you are visiting your nearest Walmart store, you can submit an application form in the Walmart kiosk. But the online Walmart portal is the best place to apply for a job.

Open the Walmart website and fill up the online form of the new employment opportunity. Even now Walmart is offering temporary employees. So if you are searching for temporary based real estate jobs in the USA, the Walmart temporary jobs are also a good selection for you, as the jobs of real estate investment trusts.

Step 2: Assessment test

The assessment test of the Walmart selection process consists of 64 multiple-type questions and answer sets. In general, for one position, Walmart is organizing a five-step selection process. And for every tier, the assessment test is compulsory.

The employers will select the candidates through the assessment test.80% of the questions come from the regular analytical ability and regular problem-solving capabilities. After qualifying these rounds, you can avail the second step of the selection process.

Step 3: First Round interview

After your written assessment test, you have to give the face-to-face interview round. Walmart is selecting almost three employees for a single position. And from these three candidates, you have to qualify for the face-to-face interview round.

In the first round of face to face, the interview is like an introductory session. The interviewer is going to ask you about the situation and your previous job experiences. Most often, the interviewers are giving you a situation and ask you to provide the solutions. But in general, the face-to-face round is not very tough. You can quickly answer based on your known skills and knowledge. Most often, your problem-solving skills are examined by the interviewers.

Step 4: Second Round of selection process

After completing your first round of face-to-face interviews, the second phase of the interview is also conducted. When the Walmart selection team is contacting you for the second time, you are the best candidate among the three candidates and want to process the employment opportunity with you.

This second round of the selection process is almost like the previous one. Three interviewers are asking you questions about the regular problem-solving skill set. The question patterns are almost similar to the first round. Your background is checked, and the other drug tests are following after this screening stage. The interviewers ask questions about your experience and the previous job experiences you submit in your CV.

Step 5: Orientation

After this four-stage, if you get selected, then you will go to receive a confirmation mail and the job offer letter. After these three steps, your orientations programs are going to schedule. The orientation program lasts upto three days. And with the three different types of modules, you will get the concepts and know the Walmarts operational works.

In the orientations programs, there is also a single assessment test after finishing up each module. The assessments test 80% of questions are asking based on the natural problem-solving skill set.


Walmart is the world’s largest retail business chain. So undoubtedly the interviews and the orientation programs are going to be longer than the regular companies. However, when a candidate is qualifying the first two rounds, you can say that the candidate is 80% confident about the employment opportunity.

Are you currently searching for temporary-based jobs or the jobs like the real estate trust? Join Walmart and enjoy the world’s most extensive chain business process.


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