East African users can now enjoy Instagram Lite in their own local languages

People have always come to Facebook’s apps to connect with the community they know well – their friends and family. But over time, it has become more than that – it’s a place to connect with neighbours, colleagues and people around the world who share common interests and experiences.

Africa is important to Facebook and we continue to invest in it by innovating to ensure that people have a memorable experience with these connections.

We recently launched Instagram Lite – a new, lightweight version of the Instagram app for Android that uses less data and works well across all network conditions making it fast to install and quick to load. It is also available in three East African languages.

Facebook Communications Manager for Eastern Africa, Janet Kemboi, said: “We want to make our products accessible to people in languages that they use daily to communicate with their communities. By increasing the number of localized languages, we are unlocking ways for more people to engage with our products in a manner that they easily understand.”

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