Hype Clubs: How users in Africa are using the chat platform to network and exchange ideas

The ability to build healthy and trustworthy relationships with people is one of the main soft skills – the new power skill. Whether it is a friend at school, a colleague at work, a neighbour across the street or a romantic relationship, knowing how to navigate the dynamics of relationships is vital.

Since the launch of Hype Clubs, public and interest-based group chats in Opera’s chat service, users have been networking, making friends and chatting about relationships, dating and psychology with like-minded people.

This cocktail of exciting banter and never-ending conversation(s) has led to some great relationship tips being shared by users as they discuss the latest relationship news and gossip in their neighborhoods, localities and countries.

Here are seven of the most discussed relationship tips by users in the Relationship Drama Hype Club:

  1.   When going out on the first date, Hype Users recommend choosing a public place where each partner feels safe to be themselves. This helps everyone to be relaxed and not edgy.
  2.   Hype users identify proper grooming and etiquette as one of the ‘make or breaks’ for most relationships. Everyone should strive to dress smartly for a great first impression.
  3.   Clear communication has emerged as a key ingredient for relationships according to Hype Clubs’ users. When one party hides stuff from the other, it creates a recipe for a fallout.
  4.   Fun, fun, fun! Most Hype Clubs users agree that relationships are supposed to be fun and various fun ideas have been shared including travelling, dancing, painting etc.
  5. Technology has gifted the young generation to great platforms to stay in touch even if one party is far away. There is no way, a no excuse, a week should pass without communicating, so use technology to your advantage.

These and many more tips have been discussed on Hype Clubs much to the delight of the thousands of users who have joined the Relationship Drama club.

For instance, the Just Girls and Drop a Photo Clubs have become instant hits with users. Mostly made up of girls from various countries across the continent, users now have a platform to share and discuss issues that matter to them including hair, beauty, make-up, boys, recipes and much more.

One user in the club summarized it perfectly, “I can finally chat and engage with ‘my fellow African girls’ 24/7.”

Hype is built into the Opera Mini web browser and is currently available in all English-speaking African countries. With over 1.7 million total activations so far and 10,000 invites to join per day, it is quickly gaining popularity and more Clubs are being added.

To spice things up even more, Opera has recently made great additions to Hype Clubs. You can now invite friends to a club, report users that are breaking club rules, and when you join a new club, Hype shows you its history.

All the Clubs are public, free and no invite is needed to stay in touch and spend time with your friends across the continent. So, what’s your excuse for not knowing the latest relationship drama in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, or even Ghana?

Join a Hype Club today and experience the best of chatting, networking and making friends with like-minded young people across Africa.


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