4 ways technology helps in enhancing your meditation practice

There is no doubt that technology has influenced so many aspects of today’s world. It has made a lot of practices and transactions more manageable, one of which is meditation.

Meditation is an age-old practice that many people observe around the world. Many studies have proven that aside from its aesthetic appeal, it also provides so many health benefits.

Although meditation was good enough as it was, technology has made it a whole lot better. It has eased the entire meditation process, helping people to maximize each session.

That said, here are four of the ways technology has helped in enhancing your meditation practice.

The Discovery Of CBD

Hemp is a substance that has been controversial for a very long time. Many countries worldwide banned their citizens from using the substance and its derivatives due to various misconceptions the governments had. These governments thought that consumption of CBD would significantly lower performance rates and productivity levels. However, many studies have since disproved this misconception.

Since the world’s governments started lifting the ban on this substance, more scientists are beginning to conduct general studies on hemp. These studies have found that one of hemp’s derivatives, CBD, possesses many health benefits. You can get the best CBD flower online. It can help to lower anxiety and stress, which is crucial when meditating.

That said, one of the best substances to take when meditating is CBD. You can get CBD from multiple stores, but one of the best stores that offer quality products is Sunday Scaries. They offer some of the best and most affordable products like CBD oil, CBD gummies, and so on.

Inclusion Of Timers

Timers have been around for years. They have helped humans track time and their progress for many centuries now. In recent times, inventors have found a way to make a timer specifically for meditation. These timers are commonly called insight timers. Their design is quite different from standard timers, which means they are also slightly more expensive.

For one, these kinds of timers include a bell chime that gets activated occasionally, simulating the bell chime feeling during meditation. Naturally, this means that you no longer have to break your meditation to ring a bell.

With this invention, all you would need to do is set the mediation session’s duration. You can also save your duration settings, so you don’t have to set the timer every time you want to use it. This automation even helps breed social connectivity on a large scale!

Tracker to Monitor Your Progress

The third thing that has helped the mediation practice is trackers. Because of the flexibility, a lot of people skip out on mediation and then abandon it altogether. Skipping out on meditation defeats the whole purpose of meditation. It is a practice you should stay diligent and committed to achieving the destined results. Doing it when you feel like you won’t cut it. You’re just going to waste an enormous amount of time and effort.

Many inventors understood that and created trackers that can monitor your progress for a particular amount of time. There are multiple tracking apps, and one of them is GPS for the Soul. This app tracks your movement for the day and makes sure that you would get the mediation your mind and soul rightfully needs, even if you do nothing else that day.

In addition to the tracker, it also has a sensor that detects your emotional state at all times. As you may already have predicted, it would suggest taking breaks and meditating when you’re feeling stressed out.

The Self-Care Apps

Self-care apps are arguably the most helpful tool technology has provided to the meditation and self-care industry. These apps help you navigate your way through the self-care world and keep your mind, body, and soul fit.

One of the best apps to date is the Buddha brain app. It is the best app for people who are new to meditation. Admittedly, meditation may seem confusing and “placebo-like” to many beginners. However, once you get the knack of it, you would see that it’s helping your life in more ways than one.

This Buddha brain app has a series of meditation routines you can practice in your spare time and some self-care and why sections to provide you with some helpful tips.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, meditation is a practice that has been around for quite some time. Many people have used it to cure multiple ailments such as stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Also, since governments worldwide lifted the ban, it has allowed many scientists to conduct several studies and experiments to prove its medicinal benefits.

That said, the inclusion of technology has enhanced the meditation experience exponentially, allowing many people to maximize their meditation experience.

As a beginner, learning how to navigate the meditation world can be pretty challenging. If you’re one of those beginners, you’re in luck. Above are four ways technology has helped to simplify your introduction to meditation.

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