Huawei announces NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021, a student smartphone photography contest

Huawei has announced an all-new category just for students entering the world’s largest smartphone photography competition, the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021. Named the Student Focus award, this new category reaffirms Huawei’s commitment to fostering creativity in young people.

As a company led by consumers, Huawei is always looking for innovative ways to engage its audiences. After noticing a rise in young people entering, with approximately 40% of all entrants to last year’s competition alone being 18-24 year-olds, the Student Focus award became the next natural step in honouring Huawei’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of creatives.

Open to students between the ages of 18 and 24, the 10 talented winners will not only receive the upcoming HUAWEI P50, but also a NEXT-IMAGE Creation Fund of $1,000, which will help them reach their artistic potential. The theme of this year’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards is “Better Together”, a topic relevant to students as they are reunited with friends and loved ones for the start of the new academic year. The deadline for students to enter is November 30, 2021 and the winner of the Student Focus award will be selected by the judging panel. There are two ways for overseas students to submit entries for the Award, one being through the official website and the other being self-nomination through the Huawei Community. For more information, please see ‘How to enter’ section below.

The HUAWEI P50, part of this year’s top prize for winners of the Student Focus award, is built for world-class photography. With the highly advanced HUAWEI XD Optics and XD Fusion Pro Image Engine incorporated into the Dual-Matrix Camera system, winners of the Student Focus award can enjoy True-Chroma Shot, perfect image clarity, high dynamic range, and improved smart snapshot capabilities, furthering their photographic prowess.

This exciting new category made just for students is a new addition to Huawei’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards, which is world’s largest smartphone photography competition with over 2 million entries since the competition began in 2017. With an easy entry mechanic and over 70 chances to win across the entire competition, students join amateur smartphone photographers and visual storytellers across the world to light up the competition for a fifth consecutive year.

This year’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards will be judged by a team of photography experts, from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries around the world. Canadian extreme sports photographer Reuben Krabbe will be joined by Karen Smith, a renowned art critic from the UK, and French radio and TV producer Olivier Chiabodo. The judging panel have a sense of what it is to win photography prizes, as Pulitzer-winning photographer and founder of the Shanghai Center of Photography, Liu Heung Shing, is joined by one of the grand prize winners of the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020, Lin Haiyin. Professor of School of Journalism and Communication, BNU, Yu Guoming, and Vice Minister of the Consumer Strategy Marketing Dept at the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group, Li Changzhu, complete the judging panel.

10 categories to celebrate the beauty of visual storytelling

With 10 prizes up for grabs in the Student Focus awards, Huawei is encouraging entrants to explore different perspectives, formats, and light conditions. Pushing students creatively to discover the diversity and beauty of life, the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021 has 10 distinct categories to keep things interesting. Perfectly matched with Huawei’s strengths in smartphone photography, the categories encourage students to make the most of their devices’ innovative features while telling original, compelling stories through photos and videos.

  • Portrait
    At its best, portrait photography tells rich and compelling human stories better than words ever could. Whether it’s of yourself, a loved one, or a model, submit your best portrait shots.
  • Monochrome
    Monochrome images remove distracting colours, helping the viewer focus on the subjects, textures, shapes, patterns, and composition. Use black and white photography to reflect the atmosphere, fun or originality of the shot.
  • Colour
    Huawei smartphones are renowned for their ability to produce vibrant photos that are bursting with vitality. Show your true colours by expressing yourself through smartphone photography.
  • Snapshot
    Photography lets you live in the moment, encouraging you to capture defining moments and scenes. Create a snapshot that tells a powerful story or immortalise an important memory forever.
  • Night
    Thanks to the power of AI, Huawei smartphones capture incredible night scenes without the need for a flash. Get creative under the cover of darkness and capture a night shot to remember.
  • Telephoto
    For many smartphone users, zoomed-in photos are usually blurry or low quality. That’s not the case with Huawei. Use your telephoto lens to hone in on the important details and show off the clarity of your zoomed-in shots.
  • Super Wide Angle
    Wide angle lenses allow photographers to get as close to the subject as possible without excluding crucial elements in the background. Use your mobile photography skills to make viewers feel as though they’re viewing the scene with their own eyes rather than through a photograph.
  • Super Macro
    In photography, as in life, the small details are important. Explore different macro photography subjects and techniques, as you show off your camera’s ability to capture tiny details up close.
  • Story Creator
    Shoot and produce a mobile-shot movie of 15 minutes or less to express your creativity and share your story through moving images. Assume the director’s chair as you create a cinematic masterpiece to show to the world.
  • Storyteller
    Different from the other categories that only allow a single photo to be uploaded, in this category, you can use a group of photos (3-9 photos) to express emotions, tell a story, record changes or discover trends.

How to enter:

The most straightforward way to enter is by visiting to submit your images directly on the competition homepage. Alternatively, students can visit to enter via HUAWEI Community staying connected to Huawei fans around the world via the online message board which is available in multiple languages. The deadline for entries is November 30, 2021.


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