When shopping for a washing machine, what should you look for?

Many people rarely stop to think about it but most people spend too much washing and drying clothes. In Kenya, 90 percent of washing happens during the weekend. In Nairobi, for instance, moving around on weekends you will see balconies colored with different clothing.

The truth is that households across the globe do an awful lot of laundry loads every year. And while others hand wash their clothes, there is nothing many covet than having a machine carry out the task for them.

With the ever-changing daily trends, technology continues to bring myriads of solutions in all life aspects. Today’s washing machines do more than just wash. They have been designed to become more intuitive, efficient, time-saving, and more.

Since it was first introduced, the washing machine has radically changed how people do laundry. Before, washing clothes took lots of time, energy, and water. The task was so daunting as it involved carrying water, heating, scrubbing clothes, rinsing, and wringing by hand. Today, washing machines are defined by convenience and energy efficiency in mind.

What should you look for when shopping for a washing machine?

There are so many washing machines on the market. It is not easy to identify a washing machine that will take care of your needs, and at the same time, save you cash and time. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Fabric Protection

How gentle is the machine to your fabric? For instance, LG Washing Machine, with AI DD technology has intelligent Care with 18 percent More Fabric Protection as compared to others on the market. According to LG, the conclusion was reached based on big data of accumulated washing experience, AI DD™ offers the most Optimized washing motion in order to care for your laundry.

Smartness (AI)

How smart is the washing machine you intent to buy? Buy a washing machine that has artificial intelligence embedded. It must be able to detect the weight, the softness of your fabric and optimize the washing patterns without making you sweat.

The AI DD™ from LG has the power to detect not only the weight but also senses the softness of fabric, and it chooses the optimal motions for the fabric by itself.

With ThinQ technology, it makes it better from operating your laundry remotely to downloading additional cycles. Easily interact with it and access the latest innovations with Wi-Fi Connectivity.


The whole point of buying a washing machine is to attain high levels of hygiene. There will be no point in buying one if doing it by hand delivers more results than using the machine. Look for a machine that delivers 99 percent of hygiene. It is important to go for one that has steam that eliminates 99 percent or more of allergens such as dust mites.


How many loads can your washing machine hold? Look for a washing machine with a bigger capacity. This helps you save on time, water, and power costs. Look for the washing machine that has a big drum capacity.

Durability and visibility

Go for a washing machine that will serve you for long without breaking down. LG Washing Machine, for example, comes with a boosted external durable and elegant tempered glass door and developed hygienic and durable stainless lifter. It also has a more visible display and increased the knob size with a metallic finish.

What are some of the steps should you follow while using your washing machine?

STEP 1: Separate your laundry. It is important to separate colored loads from white ones. In terms of softness, most washing machines can tell on their own.

STEP 2: Choose the right washing cycle. With a machine that is smart with artificial intelligence included, this is now easier than ever before.

STEP 3: Set the water temperature. This will depend on your load and the fabric. Most washing machines will intelligently do this for you.

STEP 4: Add the detergent and fabric softener

STEP 5: Load the washing machine

STEP 6: Turn on the washer

STEP 7: Clean your washing machine.


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