7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Direct Mail Automation

Mailing existing customers and potential clients once meant physically printing letters and having couriers pick up mail bins, but this is no longer the case in today’s digital world. Direct mail will always be a valuable business tool; however, the traditional way of sending mail has long become a thing of the past. The old mail methods required a significant investment of time and money, so how can you improve your direct mail strategy without compromising your business’s resources? Due to the continuous evolution of technology, direct mail automation has been made possible.

Direct mail automation involves sending out mail through sending platforms, which has made the mailing delivery process significantly more efficient. The traditional method involved manually printing direct mail and was not only time-consuming but was at high risk of human error, which could lead to more time and money being required to fix the issues. Direct mail automation provides you with the equipment need that allows you to increase production as well as reducing the risk of errors. To help you understand why your business should invest in direct mail automation, we’ve compiled seven benefits that show this is the perfect solution for your current mailing system.

Time Efficient

When you decide to utilize direct mail automation, this means that you and your employees won’t have to spend copious amounts of time printing mail and sending it off to clients and prospective customers. The manual process can eat into your staff’s day and be costly in terms of wages and paper resources. One of the most popular benefits of direct mail automation is that it automates the designing, printing, and sending procedures, which frees up your staff and allows them to focus on other more critical aspects of their jobs.

Allows Personalization

In order to increase your brand awareness and develop long-term relationships with your clients, it’s vital that you have the time to personalize your mail, and the best way to ensure you have the adequate time and resources to do this is through direct mail automation. As direct mail automation saves you plenty of time by not needing to print and send out mail manually. You will have more time to get creative with your client outreach strategies by ensuring that your newsletters personally connect with your target consumers. The more customers feel connected to your communications, the higher your response rate will be, which can also have a direct impact on your rate of sales.


When you use the traditional methods, they require considerable amounts of time and significant investment into resources like printers, paper, envelopes, and most importantly, your workforce. Direct mail automation is capable of completing the manual process in only a few short clicks, and you no longer need to worry about restocking your printing supplies as this software will take care of everything digitally. When looking to invest in this fantastic asset for your business, be sure to check out Lob’s direct mail automation tool.

Reduces Risk

Direct mail automation software typically utilizes CRM integration to create a streamlined connection between your clients and the company. The CRM integration tool gathers the address from your business’s database and uses this as a reference point when your company sends out direct mail. This tool ensures that each mail that is sent out will be delivered to the correct address and, so long as your database is up to date, without any room for human error. When using the traditional, manual method, there is a possibility for mail to be sent to the wrong address, and one mistake can endanger the relationship you hold with the client.

Mass Mailing

As mentioned in our previous point, direct mail automation uses integrated CRM software, and with this tool, direct mail automation is perfect for sending out mass mailing lists. Send mail to a large group of recipients simultaneously at no extra cost to the business and without the need to spend days printing and preparing correspondence to be sent manually.


When sending mail manually, the cost of tracking the mail that is sent out can be costly. With direct mail automation, you can add a QR code or trackable link to your mail in order to view and report on the status of mail campaigns. This tool is essential for gaining insights that can further improve your marketing and mail strategies.

Event-Based Mail

A unique benefit that you can enjoy when using direct mail automation is a tool called trigger-based direct mail; this allows you to send mail to your customers at a specific time for any events your company may have in place. Suppose you are offering a promotion and there are price discounts for an upcoming holiday; you will be able to customize the direct mail for that event and schedule the mail campaign to launch on a specific date. Not only can event-based mail boost customer response rates and retention, but it also provides you with the ability to prepare for events in advance.


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