7 Tips and Tricks to help you master PUBG Mobile

Are you new at PUBG mobile? Not sure how exactly are you going to make progress in the game? The popularity of PUBG mobile has been rising since the release of its new updates. The game is not only easy to play but it can get really tricky at times. Hence, we have brought before you some powerful PUBG hacks that will help you to become a pro at PUBG mobile in a very short duration of time.

Try using a headphone:

PUBG mobile is a game of different sounds and if you want to hear all these sounds clearly, then it is inevitable that you use a good quality headphone while you are playing the game. By using a headphone, you will be able to listen to the footsteps of your enemies and trace them. A good pair of headphones will also help you to figure out the distance between you and your enemy. It will also help you to listen to the gunshots. The headphones have a very important role to play throughout the game and they will help you in surviving even during the most difficult situations. The smallest movements of the enemies can be heard on your headphone and you can take the necessary measures to gain an advantage in the game.

Try to jump at the right time and at the right moment:

It is very important for you to understand when exactly you are going to jump and at what time. Landing in a safe zone will reduce your chances of enemy encounters and will also decide how the match is going to be for you. So, you need to be very careful about deciding where exactly you are going to land. This will help you to look for the necessary supplies before you start the combat. This trick can be mastered with regular practice. You should also try to give priority to your sixth sense and take your decisions accordingly.

Always remain barefoot while you are playing PUBG mobile:

You should always try to stay barefoot in your game. This may sound to be a bit weird at first but it is one of the best tips for you. Boots can be really noisy. They can easily give you away while you are trying to loot for supplies. Going barefoot means that you will hardly make any noise and it will also reduce your chances of getting discovered by the enemies.

Enable the peek and fire option:

By activating the peek and fire option, you will be able to aim and shoot without having to expose yourself before the others. This option can be enabled from the control settings of your game. By enabling this option, you will be able to peek through trees buildings and rocks. This will reduce your chances of getting shot in return. You will also be able to fire at your enemies from any hidden corner.

Try to jump randomly:

You should never come to a standstill while you were playing PUBG mobile. Always remain on the move and keep running around. This will make it really difficult for your enemies to spot you and shoot at you. You should also try to run in a zigzag motion because if you are always running in a straight line, then it will make the movement easily predictable and it will make it easier for them to take you down while you are playing the game.

Hide behind the bushes:

It is always a good idea to keep yourself hidden among the bushes. This will help you to remain concealed from your enemies. You will also be able to fire at your enemy from such locations. Sitting in a car or in the open is quite risky as it might easily give you away. When you are behind the bushes, all you have to do is lie down and watch your enemies and when they are at an easy target, you can fire at them.

Loot as much as possible: You should never leave a chance to loot from your enemies. However, looting needs to be done smartly. In the beginning, you should resist looting the crates of the enemies after you kill them. There is a possibility that there are other players who are roaming around nearby trying to spot you. Just hide behind the rock or a tree and look for any movement. Once you are sure that no one is nearby, you can jump towards the crate and loot them. You should also make calculated moves while taking the crate to a hidden location so that you do not get spotted on the way.

And these are some of the best tips and tricks that will allow you to master PUBG mobile. For more such tips and tricks, you should keep visiting us.


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