Reno6 5G: OPPO’s latest flagship and what it offers mobile photography fans

Since it hit the global and local smartphone market in 2008, the OPPO brand has strived to distinguish itself as the ultimate choice when it comes to smartphone photography. In all its device segments and models, from the A to the Reno series, OPPO always lays emphasis on the advanced features of its cameras.

And for a flagship device like the recently released Reno6 5G, the focus on and the attention to detail given to the camera and its features and capabilities cannot possibly escape any keen observer.

Apart from its iconoclastic Reno Glow design, the Reno6 5G comes fitted with advanced photography (remember OPPO Kenya used Reno6 5G to sponsor a Wildlife Photography contest with KWS) and videography capabilities, all meant to ensure that “every detail, of every moment” is captured as clearly and as perfectly as is clearly possible.

And here’s how.

With its 64MP AI Triple Camera setup on the rear and the 32MP Selfie Camera on the front, the user is accorded all the capability needed to capture objects in crisp and clear form, from whichever angle, no matter the time of day. The dedicated Color Temperature Sensor, also mounted at the back of the phone, enables the user to capture the colors in the objects more accurately, thereby enhancing their clarity and depth.

The Reno6 5G also comes equipped with a variety of Image Enhancing features. There’s OPPO’s exclusive Image Clear Engine and Color Temperature Sensor, which then collaborate to power the Flash Snapshot feature which enables users to capture clearer shots of moving objects or to snap quick-capture photos.

And after you’ve taken time and dedicated all your efforts to ensure that you’ve captured the object(s) perfectly, with each and every shot all to your liking and approval, the Reno6 5G now then moves to provide you with creative post-production tools – an example here being the AI Palette feature which can turn your images into the style of any of those popular online just with one click.

Away from stills photos, the Reno6 5G also has a series of AI-enhanced portrait functions for videography. These include:

  • Bokeh Flare Portrait Video which provides a pioneering cinematic quality bokeh effect for smartphone video. Powered by OPPO’s over-10-million portrait dataset and AI algorithms, Bokeh Flare Portrait Video delivers real-time video processing to capture portrait videos with bokeh light spots on the background, all while keeping the portrait subjects appearing natural and bright. The feature is available on both the front and rear cameras, and can be applied to your portrait videos with just one click.
  • AI Highlight Video automatically detects ambient light and make video optimizations accordingly. This ensures whether you are shooting at night, or with strong backlight during the day, you’re able to capture clearer, brighter, and more vividly-colored portrait videos.
  • Portrait Beautification Video on Reno6 5G can perform subtle and natural edits for portrait videos to improve appearances. With the advanced AI algorithms, it can remove one’s unwanted skin blemishes while retaining natural features to highlight individuality of the subject. With the ability to recognize up to 193 different facial points in video mode, Reno6 5G allows users to apply beauty effects with better precision, personalization, and authenticity.
  • Focus Tracking, now introduced on Reno6 5G, enables enhanced video auto-focusing, allowing you to identify and automatically track main subjects consistently and steadily.

And to deliver even a more powerful performance for a better User Experience, remember that the Reno6 5G is the first phone on the market to be powered by MediaTek’s latest 5G-integrated SoC, the Dimensity 900.

Reno6 5G also offers users 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage as well as OPPO’s self-developed RAM Expansion technology, meaning that the inbuilt 8GB of RAM can be supplemented with an additional 2GB; 3GB; or 5GB of ROM storage memory whenever the RAM space runs out.

And you’ve no reason to worry or panic about your battery running out of charge because the Reno6 5G’s large 4,300mAh battery (with a 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging system), can be 100% charged in just 28 minutes and enables all-day usage in instances when the battery runs to very low levels.

Having highlighted (some) of the unique and key features and functionalities embedded in its camera(s), why not go online, get a glimpse of the extra features before moving on to purchase the Reno6 5G – whether from Kilimall, Jumia, Skygarden or Masoko? We’re sure you won’t regret your (purchase) decision.

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