Is using a tablet at work a good idea? HUAWEI MatePad has the answer

Have you ever noticed in a café, on a train or even in your office, there are some people using a tablet for work? You might wonder whether it’s even useful or reliable? But with more and more business tablets coming on to the market, people are now able to work with more flexibility, in terms of their tools and location. Just grab a tablet and that’s all you need to work from anywhere with network access.

Using a tablet instead of conventional laptops or a desktop to handle everyday work is far more common now, especially among young professionals and creatives. And, of course, there are plenty of good reasons behind this trend, such as tablets’ lightweight design, high-capacity storage and advanced processor to name just a few.

This year, major tech brands around the world have offered up a number of great tablets that fulfil consumers’ needs for work purpose, and one of the most popular is the HUAWEI MatePad, which offers a range of smart features to boost users’ productivity.

In Kenya we have various Matepads that you can choose from which includes:- Matepad pro bundles retailing at Kshs 121,597., Matepad Pro retailing at Kshs 79,999, Matepad 11 retailing at Kshs 59,999, Matepad T10s retailing at Kshs 34,999 and Matepad T10 retailing at Kshs 28,999.

Before getting into the smart experience it provides, it’s worth mentioning HUAWEI MatePad’s design. First impression matter after all. Overall, it looks stylish and premium in its symmetrical design coupled with the Midnight Grey finish, which sits perfectly with both formal and informal outfits. With the body just 7.45mm thick and weighing only 460g in total, HUAWEI MatePad is also ultra-portable, making it ideal for travel and commuting as it can be quickly stowed away in a bag or carried around in the hand. With a beautiful HUAWEI FullView Display featuring 7.9mm thin bezels on all four sides, this tablet is perfect for browsing emails, reports and all kinds of multi-media.

Besides having an aesthetically pleasing and practical design, HUAWEI MatePad is packed with a mixture of features that help you stay productive and efficient in real working scenarios. In all kinds of office work, reading and replying to emails takes up a considerable part of the day. It can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you have to factor in materials that your boss or client might have sent to your smartphone. You can try uploading the smartphone files to your cloud drive and downloading them onto the tablet – that’s workable but time-consuming. Or you can share the files from your phone to the tablet via email, and then download the email attachments and insert them to the email you are editing – that works too but with so many steps to go through, you might well miss your deadline.

The good news is this process can be totally streamlined if you use the HUAWEI MatePad with Multi-screen Collaboration. This feature allows you to mirror your Huawei smartphone onto your MatePad Screen and share files between two devices seamlessly. Before that, you just need to set it up by tapping your phone on the sensing area of the tablet or scanning a QR code or searching near-by device in the Settings on your phone – either way is easy and straightforward. Once connected, you can see your smartphone UI displayed on the MatePad screen. Then all you have to do is  simply drag files from the phone and drop them into the email body or as attachments. Whether it’s a picture of whiteboard notes captured during a meeting or a proofread statement from your senior, with a simple drag and drop, anything can be quickly located and popped into an email – no extra hassle and no additional steps. And don’t forget, the HUAWEI MatePad supports a 10-point touchscreen– so you can navigate both the tablet and the smartphone UI with your fingertips.

Of course, in Multi-screen Collaboration mode you can also send files from the tablet over to your smartphone. Many creative professionals love to do sketches and calligraphy on a tablet because it resembles the feeling of working on a canvas or sketchpad. They can also use a tablet to take advantage of various apps needed for retouching multi-media. After the editing is done, Multi-screen Collaboration allows them to directly send files to their clients simply by dropping them onto a chat window within the smartphone UI, which is simple and efficient. It also worth mentioning that HUAWEI MatePad can be used with a state-of-the-art HUAWEI M-Pencil, which offers a natural drawing and writing experience. It adopts a 160mm integrated hexagonal design for a comfortable grip and responds to 4,096 different levels of pressure sensitivity for precise and smooth control, making it an ideal tool for anyone at all creative.

You can also use the HUAWEI M-Pencil for editing text, or, if you prefer, you could connect a smart keyboard to HUAWEI MatePad to improve your productivity at work. WPS Office is also available on the tablet so you can use Format Painter, Track Changes and other handy features as if you were editing content on a traditional computer.

For many people across various industries, using multiple screens at work is an absolutely necessity,  allowing them to multi-task more easily. With HUAWEI MatePad, although you only have one screen, it can be split into two to display two apps at a time, thanks to the game-changing Multi-Window feature. Imagine you were an accountant and you needed to review a financial report while doing some quick calculations to verify the data. You could have it done quick as a flash on HUAWEI MatePad, even without a connection to a larger screen. All you need do is swipe left from the right of the tablet screen to activate the dock area. Quickly select the apps you need, drop them onto the screen – one will appear on the left side and other on the right. On top of this, you can also adjust the size of the app windows. This means you could such as readjust the Calculator app to be smaller and make more room for the report. See? Multi-tasking is made so simple on HUAWEI MatePad!

HUAWEI MatePad, this portable powerhouse that supports you left, right and centre in so many ways at work, comes with the powerful Kirin 820 to deliver impressive and reliable performance. It also comes with new Wi-Fi 6 support to ensure a fast, low-latency and safe network connection. What’s more, thanks to a large 7250mAh (typical value) battery and fast charging support, it gives you an uninterrupted user experience even for the longest of weekdays or weekend trips away.

If you had doubts about using a tablet for work, HUAWEI MatePad will put your mind at ease. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of a HUAWEI MatePad and get ready for more productive days to come!

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