New ESET HOME platform to offer users better control, superior management

ESET launched a new version of its consumer security lineup along with ESET HOME, a platform that allows users to manage the security of all their Windows and Android home devices from one seamless and convenient interface.

With the steady tide of cyberattacks, it is essential that home users remain protected. As smartphones are increasingly at the center of people’s digital lives, empowering users to manage their security via mobile devices is critical.

To effectively address home users’ requirements and provide top-level protection ESET is introducing LiveGuard, integrated within ESET Smart Security Premium. LiveGuard provides an additional proactive layer of protection against never-before-seen types of threats. Additionally, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium offer improved protection and a host of new features for customers. Recognizing how our digital lives have changed over the past year, these upgrades focus on banking and payment protection, ransomware protection, parental control and password management.

At the center of the new suite of ESET products is ESET HOME, a new and improved management platform that makes it easy to manage security at home whenever and wherever required. ESET HOME provides users with a complete overview of all their ESET solutions for Windows and Android devices in one place, giving users total visibility of the current protection status of the various devices connected to their accounts.

Accessible via web portal and mobile app, the ESET HOME platform is designed with mobile users in mind and built for on-the-go security management. The application enables users to add, manage and share licenses with family and friends, and to manage Anti-Theft, Parental Control and Password Manager via the web portal.

Other key updates in the new product suite include:

  • Protection improvements – Banking & Payment Protection will now have the option to run by default, protecting any supported browser with a hardened mode. Ransomware Shield has been bolstered with enhanced behavior-based detection techniques. Exploit Blocker has been improved to cover additional malicious techniques.
  • ESET HOME – Parents can use ESET HOME to share licenses with family and friends or to monitor their children’s online activity and control their screen time in Parental Control (via the ESET HOME web portal).
  • LiveGuard - Integrated with ESET Smart Security Premium, LiveGuard provides an additional proactive layer of protection against never-before-seen types of threats, shielding users from the malware before its code executes. This service, personalized for each user, analyzes suspicious files, including documents, scripts, installers and executable files, in a safe sandbox environment.
  • Password Manager – Available with ESET Smart Security Premium, Password Manager has been completely redesigned for improved security and ease of use. Password Manager is available in all major browsers as a browser extension and on Android and iOS devices as a native application. New features include support for KeePass and Microsoft Authenticator.

Mária Trnková, the Consumer and IoT segment director at ESET, commented: “We are incredibly excited about this launch and to provide consumers with the very latest in cybersecurity protection. The updated product suite, including our new LiveGuard feature and the impressive ESET HOME platform puts users firmly in control of their home cybersecurity needs and instills them with the confidence needed to manage multiple devices on the go. After more than a year of being heavily reliant on technology, and with the threat landscape constantly evolving, it is vital to us that our consumer users are protected with cutting-edge solutions that are easily accessible and best in class in terms of user experience.”


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