Impact of Microsoft 365 during the pandemic

Staying connected and productive through the pandemic. For some, this is a goal, and for others’ an impossible challenge. Dozens of new challenges have been terrorizing everyone’s productivity ever since the Covid spread.

Despite these challenges, a ton of creative solutions have been rising. An example is the use of Microsoft products to stay connected and productive. Microsoft teams is an application that helps groups to stay connected and coordinate projects.

Microsoft Teams currently has around 145 million users which is a big jump from 115 users from October 2020. These are all people that get to coordinate projects, discuss plans, and even decide on dilemmas despite the restrictions of a pandemic.

Microsoft Teams is just one of the many services offered by Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Microsoft 365 other main services:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Planner
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Access
  • Skype
  • Yammer
  • Project

All of these services or applications allow businesses, companies, teams, and even employees to stay productive despite the many restrictions brought by a pandemic

Impact of Microsoft During a Global Pandemic

Microsoft has been impacting millions of people around the globe during this pandemic. Through a variety of their services and products, millions of companies have been able to keep running.

Microsoft is also a great companion when it comes to the educational sector. Through this time of challenges, Microsoft has been a bright lighthouse amidst a dark and confusing fog.

There are many ways that Microsoft has helped a wide range of people and here are a few examples.

1.     Make Work From Home Easier

A large number of workers lost the ability to go to their workplaces and offices. An innumerable amount of people even lost their jobs due to the harsh environment brought by the pandemic.

Continuing to work from home is a privilege that has largely become possible due to Microsoft. Whether it be through Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, or even Microsoft Project, working from home has been an easier task due to all of Microsoft’s products.

Microsoft Project

MS Project is a project management software that lets users coordinate plans, strategies, and methods to accomplish a project. This software has been available since 1986 and continues to evolve.

New features, bug fixes, and overall improvements are constantly being made. This lets Microsoft Project be one of the behemoths when it comes to project management.

Microsoft Project is so common in terms of project management. There are even thousands of MS tutorials that teach a user how to maximize all of the features available.

These Microsoft Project tutorials are a testament to how effective Project has been over the years. Microsoft Project lets you remotely manage projects and makes it a perfect tool for working through a pandemic.

Microsoft Project tutorials teach users whether old or new the basics and all of the tips and tricks of Microsoft Project. Understanding all the ins and outs of a great tool will provide you with a mastery of project management.

Whether you’re a project manager or a student in a group project, understanding Microsoft Project can help to make sure teamwork is achieved efficiently and smoothly.

MS Project tutorials provide valuable information in an easy-to-understand manner and can greatly impact how you work from home during this pandemic.

2.     Making Effective Communication from a Distance Possible

As mentioned, Microsoft Teams is a great product that allows you to keep in touch with your teammates, classmates, and even customers despite a distance gap. This is a time where even going out to a coffee shop to meet is risky.

Instead of having to risk your life for a meeting with other people, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive allow for effective communication from a distance. Just because you can’t physically meet doesn’t mean you can’t work as an effective team.


This software allows you to work on your files at home and quickly share them with others. Instead of passing on a flash drive or spending hours on the perfect email for the attachment, OneDrive lets a group of people access one file in real-time.

Not only is OneDrive an effective tool for sharing information with the team but it is amazing when it comes to keeping your files secured. OneDrive backs up all of your valuable files and makes sure you can get to them in the event of a technical malfunction.

You wouldn’t want hours or days of work lost because your device suddenly gave way. OneDrive makes your public files readily available for your team and keeps your private files safe for you.

3.     Helping you in Your Productivity

Being functional despite a pandemic doesn’t only mean working. Productivity can be seen in a ton of other activities like chores, exercises, and other tasks. Staying productive through a global crisis is not easily achieved but it is made a lot easier with some of Microsoft’s services.

You might want to spend your days learning a new skill or practicing an age-old recipe. There are a bunch of ways to stay productive with all the time you have on your hands. Maximizing your time with the limited access brought by a pandemic is not easily accomplished.

Despite the many ways to be productive there are just as many ways that Microsoft can help you. While some learn and practice with different methods, others excel with the right tools for the job.


OneNote is a Microsoft software that helps you to store various forms of information. It lets you create the ultimate compilation of notes to help you learn anything. Whether it be in the form of videos, commentary, or even ordinary words, OneNote compiles everything just for you.

OneNote can be used to arrange all the important bits of information (no matter what format they come in) in an easy-to-study method. You can compile drawings, comments, and essentially anything under the sun to help in your learning process.

In contrast to a notebook, it takes seconds to list everything down in the way you want. Not only are these notes finished quickly, but you can also even share them with others to help spread your learnings.

OneNote just like the other Microsoft products lets you do what you need to do efficiently and share it with others effectively.

4.     Encouraging Exploration

Microsoft products are generally easy to use and there are a ton of tutorials available online. These services are masters at their craft for Microsoft Powerpoint it would be in providing visual aids. Microsoft Word helps users to produce articles, blogs, and other word-oriented files.

Microsoft has an effective tool for essentially every possible sector. Whether it be using Excel for file management and accounting or maybe Outlook to reach out to other people. Microsoft 365 has provided the option to explore thousands of different fields.

Simply accessing Microsoft 365 lets you dip your toes into the various pools of productivity, entertainment, and even work. This compilation of tools paves the road for exploration and discovery.

Microsoft Word

Ending this article with one of the most common Microsoft services out there. Microsoft Word is an amazing tool that allows users to produce any file. Microsoft Word is usually used in terms of writing, editing, and even reading. This is a diverse tool that does a little bit of everything.

If you’re a student right now then you’ve surely used Microsoft Word as you’ve crammed an essay. If your job involves writing or typing out something then you’ve probably typed with the help of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word is an incredible tool that you can use to edit files, create images, and even calculate equations. This is a jack of all trades and a master of one (word-centric files). Whether you’re writing for work, recreation, or even exploration Microsoft Word has your back.

Key Takeaways


The global pandemic has restricted a lot of access and limited a ton of opportunities. It has locked down a lot of progress and hindered people from continuing on their original path.

The pandemic no matter what country you live in will have affected you and your livelihood in one way or another. Microsoft 365 has grown and stepped up to the plate of letting people achieve something despite being locked down.

Microsoft 365 provides a lot of access in this age of restriction. Whether you’re focused on working, studying, recreation, or even a little bit of everything then Microsoft may be able to help you.

This is a harsh time that doesn’t give people a lot of slack but Microsoft 365 has been able to provide slack to different people in various ways. For some, Microsoft 365 provides just enough room to breathe, and maybe this compilation of tools might be your needed breath of fresh air.


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