DayZ Standalone: How to Win a Gunfight 

DayZ standalone is one such game that is full of people having both good as well as bad intentions and there is always someone who is trying to kill you and eliminate you from the game. However, the game is a very interesting one and if you have your strategies on point, then your chances of surviving the game will increase. So, here we are with a few outstanding tips and tricks that will allow you to survive in the game and also enjoy the game to the fullest. You can also master certain basic Dayz Hacks to fare well in the game.

#1. Always try to stay calm:

When you are playing DayZ standalone, it is very important for you to remain calm and composed at all times. By remaining calm, you will be able to protect yourself from being killed multiple times. You will also be able to avoid a lot of dangers. There are a lot of people who tend to panic during gun battles and the fear of losing can cause them to actually lose everything. So, try to remain calm and accept the fact that your character may die at any time. This will give you increased confidence and you will also be able to control your nerves easily.

#2. Peak and lean as much as possible:

You would definitely not want someone to find you running through a street or an open field. This will make it easier for people to take shots at you from a very large distance. Try to remain covered all the time. This can be done by leaning against various structures. You can always try to take a position behind cover. Once you are hidden, you can just peek out and look whether there is any enemy around or not. This can reduce your chances of being shot and it will also allow you to take cover if the situation gets too messy.

#3. Aim properly:

You need to be really good at aiming. This will help you to increase your chances of winning a battle. Aiming down is something that most players will suggest you do in the game. It can increase your chances of shooting at your enemy. You will also be able to get the maximum outcome in the game. You can also try shooting at a few zombies to improve your aim. This is going to benefit you a lot and will also make you a pro at the game.

#4. Avoiding rooftop and towers:

It is very important for you to stay away from roof tops and towers to the best of your abilities. Hanging out on tall buildings can increase your chances of getting shot and also, your enemies will always try looking for you at such a point. So, you should try to keep yourself well hidden and avoid hanging around at such points. This will also increase the time you survive in the game.

#5. Try using proper equipment:

You also need to have really good equipment while you are playing your game. Without good equipment, it is very difficult for you to survive for a long duration of time. You can fire with the badly damaged gun but it is not going to be as effective as firing with the pristine gun. By using powerful weapons, you will be able to shoot at your enemies easily. You will also be able to make excellent progress in the game.

#6. Create a strategy for yourself:

It is very important for you to have a proper strategy while you are playing a game. Without using proper strategies, you will not be able to take your game to a new level. The strategy you use should depend on your experience of the game. You can also keep changing your strategy regularly so that you get to know every single detail of the game. You should also seek advice from professional players regarding the same.

#7. Play a team game:

No matter what multiplayer game you are playing, it is very difficult for you to survive without a proper team. You are required to have team members with whom you can talk and play your game in a united way. Your team members can save you from multiple situations; they will also have your back no matter what your situation is. You should try helping your team members during times of need. Your team members are also going to help you out and this in turn is going to make your game a lot easy.

And these are some of the tips and tricks by means of which you will be able to succeed in Day standalone. In case you want further advice on how you can improve your gaming strategies, do connect with us.


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