Oneno Nam Primary School gets learning infrastructure, water access support from Safaricom Foundation

Oneno Nam Primary School in Kisumu County has received infrastructure and water support worth Kshs 5.4 million from Safaricom Foundation.

The Foundation renovated classrooms, an administration office, latrines and installed a borehole with a solar-powered pump. The renovated classes were also equipped with forty-seven desks and chairs.

The infrastructure is expected to improve the school’s academic performance as well as increase pupils’ enrolment while the water project will address hygiene and sanitation needs for the school and the neighbouring community.

(TOP: From left – Brian Otieno, Barack Obama and James Omondi, all pupils at Oneno Nam Primary School inChemilil, Kisumu County, fetching cleaning water from the community water catchment area donated by Safaricom Foundation. The school received infrastructure and water support worth Kshs 5.4 million from Safaricom Foundation).

In recent months, other schools in Kisumu County – including St. Patrick’s Oduwo Secondary School, Chemilil Adventist School, Abuoro Primary School and Obugi Primary School – have received various learning infrastructure support under Safaricom Foundation education projects.

Safaricom Foundation in line with its education pillar invests in creating conducive learning environments and providing learning materials for learners to access quality education.



  1. I come from this area, this project was a flop, how did this cost all this money while it had had malfunctions the area has not benefited from this project. Safaricom should check on these projects and audit their management and benefits.

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