Is a Portable Aircon A Right Choice For You?

Portable air conditioners (AC) have become a trend lately, mainly due to people looking for alternative cooling solutions as the world’s humidity and warmth rises. Portable air conditioners operate similarly to any other type of air conditioner but they usually come with a single hose and a window kit, allowing you to conveniently set up the venting system. You might be wondering if a portable air conditioner is for you. This can be a difficult issue to answer due to their numerous ways of applications. So, keep an eye out if any of the items listed below resonate with you.

Your home comes with inconvenient windows

When it comes to cooling, other types of air conditioners such as the window AC, isn’t always the best option. The issue with window air conditioners is that they are designed for a specific window type. If you have anything other than the standard or any window limits, the window AC just wouldn’t work.

But with a portable air conditioner, any size window, regardless of form or size wouldn’t matter. Also, it’s more convenient to get a portable AC if you only have one window in your room as it won’t obscure your view any natural light like a window unit would

You live on rent

Wall-mounted aircon has been a norm in our life but it just won’t cut it if you have such a strict landlord that refuses to let you modify your rental home. This is also often the issue with most historic neighbourhoods that want to keep the neighbourhood’s original ambiance. If you find yourself in this situation, then a portable air conditioner may come in handy.

Setting up a portable air conditioner is so simple that you don’t even need to hire an expert. Most portable air conditioners are simple to set up and vent using the included window kit, without having to modify anything in your home. However, always keep in mind to replace the activated carbon filter in your portable air conditioner on a regular basis to keep it in good working order. These filters, unlike some of the others, must be replaced rather than cleaned. A more pleasant indoor ambiance can be achieved with just a few simple measures.

You work in a server room

If your job is related to IT, you would surely know that a company’s server room is its heart. To avoid any potential problems or deterioration of your computer gear, you must supply cooling and ventilation every second.  A portable air conditioner is an excellent option for a server room due to it being cost effective and it is able to offer spot cooling.

You wouldn’t have put your entire system through its paces in a single night. Most offices switch off their air conditioning equipment during non-working hours which include night and weekends. During those occasions when the air conditioner isn’t working, a portable air conditioner helps keep the server room cool.

Specific spot cooling

Some locations are used more frequently than others such as  your bedroom or any other room where you and your family prefer to gather. It is extremely critical to assist in the creation of a pleasant environment in these locations. Increasing the central air conditioning system, like a wall-mounted air conditioner in your home for a single room, is not cost effective and can wear out your cooling system over time.

Using a portable air conditioner for this type of spot cooling can save money while also providing additional cooling for locations that require it. It can be considered as an excellent backup system, especially in small spaces that can be closed off.

Unsuitable Working Environment

If you are working in a small office, you’re probably aware your computer equipment may be one of the sources that generate heat, which can make it warmer than other rooms. A portable air conditioner is ideal for dealing with the oppressive heat and for creating a chill and pleasant working atmosphere. It can also assist in extending the life of your computer gears, avoiding it from overheating that may cause internal problems.

You live in a hot and humid environment

Due to the consistent warmth throughout the year, living in a humid area can be oppressive. Portable air conditioners are a terrific option for dehumidifying your area and making your place more pleasant on hot days. Models with a built-in dehumidifier help to eliminate extra moisture from your indoor spaces, making you feel more cool and comfortable.

Some models even have self-evaporation, which automatically eject all of the moisture that the air conditioner collects. If you live in a dry climate, an evaporative cooler may be a better option, as it uses less electricity overall.

You need  a great night sleep

Are you fine with the heat during the day but need a great amount of coldness during the night to be able to finally fall asleep? Then a portable unit is certainly well-suited for use in your bedroom. Switching  it on exclusively for a fraction of the day and in a small location will save cost while keeping you chill and comfortable when you need it most.


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