Bring synergy into your life with ThinQ AI from LG   

If you thought machines that mimic how people live and work are the stuff of science fiction, think again.

We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence. And far from the scary tales of gadgets taking over our lives, this game-changing technology simply allows you to create a smart lifestyle in an increasingly hectic world.

AI is everywhere. Think of how easy it is to get to your destination with a smartphone or track our diet and spending habits. Autonomous cars are now a reality thanks to software that prevents them from crashing. Smart TVs use data on people’s viewing preferences to make recommendations on the best shows to watch.

Security cameras use movements and biometrics to detect suspicious activities on the premises and alert the owner. Scientists can now forecast weather-related events more reliably thus improving food security.

Thanks to AI, machines are now able to analyze vast amounts of data in real time to provide more accurate information on human behavior. How we experience content in the digital realm has radically changed. Infotainment systems now deliver rich content to homes, transforming how people spend time indoors with family and friends.

Enter the ThinQ AI, an artificial intelligence platform developed by LG to help you manage your smart appliances in real time. The ThinQ AI app simply allows you to manage all your ThinQ AI smart home devices in one place and maximize on connected living. You can even automate your home devices to synchronize with your daily routine.

You also get to enjoy personalization of home devices at a whole new level with the LG AI TV. With just a simple voice request, you can pre-select movies, programs and music. Who said watching TV makes one dull? Google Assistant lets you watch television while learning new things by simply asking questions and voila! you get the answers.

You can also use Google Assistant to allow your LG AI TV to control other smart devices at home. Throw in the LG Soundbar AI ThinQ for that truly immersive sound experience and you don’t want to leave your living room. ThinQ AI even turns off your air conditioner when you go to sleep.

In other words, this innovative technology from LG studies your lifestyle patterns for a uniquely personalized experience. According to the LG ThinQ 2021 Smart Home Report, 13.3 percent of smart home owners say personalization is the thing they value most. They say automating home devices according to their lifestyles allows them to live life they want – freedom at its best.

This is exactly what the LG TV ThinQ AI delivers. Powered by an AI intelligent processor and deep learning algorithms, it offers enhanced picture and sound by analyzing source content as well as optimized content by recognizing ambient conditions.


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