StarTimes boosts subscriber offer with bouquet upgrade

Pay Television company StarTimes Media has rolled out an aggressive subscription renewal incentive across its terrestrial and satellite television bouquets that will see subscribers enrolled to the platform enjoy two months access to higher bouquets at the cost of a lower bouquet.

The company offers a choice of three bouquets on each platform with Nyota, Basic and Classic bouquets available on terrestrial at a monthly cost of Kshs 299, Kshs 599 and Kshs 899 respectively while Nova, Smart and Super are available on the satellite platform at a monthly cost of Kshs 499, Kshs 999 and Kshs 1,499 respectively.

Subscribers recharging their bouquet of choice for two months, will enjoy access to the next higher bouquet for a similar period at no extra cost where terrestrial platform’s Nyota bouquet subscribers recharging for two months at Kshs 598 will access Basic bouquet content valued at Kshs 1,198 thereby saving up to 50% subscription cost.

(TOP: StarTimes Media Regional Marketing Director Aldrine Nsubuga – left – and his content counterpart Myke Mwai – right – gesture during the unveil of a subscriber upgrade campaign. The pay TV company is offering access to higher bouquets at the cost of lower bouquets enabling users to save up to 50% on monthly subscription fees).

Basic subscribers recharging for two months at Ksh.1,198 will access Classic bouquet content valued at Kshs 1,798 thereby saving up to 33% subscription cost while Classic bouquet subscribers with a two month recharge at Kshs 1,798 will in turn access 10 extra days at no extra cost.

Speaking when he unveiled the policies, StarTimes Regional Marketing Director Mr. Aldrine Nsubuga noted that the move is geared towards offering more value at no extra cost thereby enabling subscribers across both terrestrial and satellite platforms to watch the enriched local and international content that is ordinarily reserved for higher bouquets.

“We continue to establish innovative ways to add value to our subscribers without having to add cost. Through this effort that runs between November 15 to January 15, 2022, it is our quest to cater for our diverse subscribers across the different bouquets by providing access of our premium content at the same affordable cost they have been accustomed to,” noted Mr. Nsubuga.

Satellite television Nova bouquet subscribers who recharge for two months at Kshs 998 will also enjoy two months of Smart bouquet content valued at Kshs 1,998 thereby saving up to 50% subscription cost. Smart bouquet subscribers recharging at Kshs 1,998 will access Super bouquet valued at Kshs 2,998 thereby saving up to 33% subscription cost upon subscribing for a similar period as Super bouquet subscriber’s access 10 extra days.

The development comes soon after the company announced the introduction of three new channels including Zee TV, Zee One and Zee Tamizh which will showcase a wide selection of family oriented programming such as award-winning series, lifestyle, food, reality and highly acclaimed movies, which are dubbed in English on Zee One with Zee TV and Zee Tamizh offering English subtitles.

The company has also introduced Philippine drama – MEA CULPA, a story about complicated social relationships and realization of justice among other raft of sporting, kids, documentary, local dramas, music and lifestyle content available to subscribers.


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