To meet your viewing preferences, LG TVs are designed for each user group   

Most of us have alternative pairs of shoes for difference occasions. We have flat sandals (or ‘open’ shoes) for casual events, then we have loafers for semi-formal occasions; work boots depending on our occupations; and then sneakers for our workouts, outdoor jogging and gym sessions. And remember that depending our lifestyle, style sense and even individual budget, you can always add other pairs (and types) of shoes to the mix.

Just like shoes, a new trend is emerging whereby TV manufacturers design various models based on the potential buyer’s viewing preferences and overall needs when it comes to making the purchase decision.

Choice of TV screen and size

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choice of TVs due to their optimized features, screen sizes (and shapes) as well as individual buyer’s preferences, LG Electronics strives to ensure that each potential buyer’s demands and preferences are met.

Consultation with LG team

Depending on whether the potential customer needs a TV screen for the household or whether the buyer is buying a screen for the office boardroom or reception – meaning that the screen being acquired is for business use – the LG team, based at its various Brand Shops in the country, will be at hand to ensure that the customer makes the right decision.

During the consultation with the potential customer (whether household user or office (or corporate) buyer, the LG team will then seek to learn more about them and their needs as relates to the new TV screen. These, the team will do by asking various questions, including – their preference and current TV model; the specific room where the new screen will be set up; the buyer’s favourite content; and the main area of business (industry or sector) among others.

Experiential Zones

After the LG team has enquired and understood the would-be TV buyer’s needs and preferences, and assuming the client took their time to visit on of the manufacturer’s various brand shops in the country, the customer then has the opportunity to get a close look-and-feel of how the various TV models are designed and perform, not forgetting the unique set ups and (viewing) functionalities for which they are all best suited, before making their choice and ultimate purchase decision.  This happens at the Experiential Zone.

It is at the Experiential Zone where the customer will be shown the various models launched by LG as part of the brand’s 2021 TV Lineup unveiled in early this year and which we covered in a previous post. The TV models include LG OLED, LG NanoCell, and LG UHD TV.

Whether you plan to upgrade your TV set for a better viewing experience for you and your household this festive season (or don’t have the budgets as yet), we urge you to take a few minutes during your visits to major malls in the country to tour the LG Brand Shops and the Experience Zone. The experience may just make you decide to upgrade your TV.

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