What is a good rank and score in JEE Mains 2021

This is one of the most concerning questions for the vast majority of the aspirants, as students are frequently muddled with regards to the score or rank that should be achieved to get a confirmation in NITs, IIITs or to be qualified for JEE Advanced. Getting confirmation in NITs or then again meeting all requirements for JEE Advanced probably won’t be a troublesome undertaking with decent planning and techniques.

To clear your uncertainty on what is a decent score or rank that a competitor should get in the JEE Main exam, you need to keep in mind that the term ‘JEE Mains good score’ changes from one individual to another. In case you are focusing on affirmation in NITs or then again IIITs, the great score might be unique, and the equivalent might change for a student who tries to get affirmation in IITs.

  1. Good Score to secure position in top engineering colleges

To get a confirmation in top engineering universities in India (aside from IITs, NITs or IIITs), you ought to have over 80 percentile in JEE Main test. There is likewise a choice to show up for placement tests directed by different considered colleges. You can likewise fill the Common Application Form on different sites for direct confirmation in B.Tech courses in top private designing universities the nation over.

Some of the topmost Universities for engineering are; Lovely Professional University, Raffles University, Uttaranchal University, KL University, Dream institute of technology, CMR institute of technology, University of engineering and management etc.

  1. Good score to secure a position in IITs

To get admission in IIITs through JEE Main, the great score for the equivalent can be around 85-90 percentile. Simultaneously, the candidate should highlight among the best 25,000 positions to get affirmation in well-known IIITs. As indicated by past patterns, competitors with a 1 – 25,000 position range came to the top IIITs. Nonetheless, applicants getting positions past 25,000 – 1,00,000 additionally came to IIITs (more current IIITs/provincial level IIITs).

  1. Good score to secure a position in NITs

To get admission in NITs through JEE Main, the great score for the equivalent can be around 85-95 percentile. Simultaneously, the applicants should highlight among the best 15,000 – 20,000 positions to get a confirmation in the top NITs. As per earlier year patterns, competitors who highlighted in 1 – 20,000 positions came to top NITs the nation over. Be that as it may, a few NITs likewise moved in around 2,00,000 (generally more current NITs).

  1. Normalisation of percentile

Normalisation is consolidated to balance the difficult levels of the test when it is led in numerous meetings. So NTA will pronounce the percentile in JEE Main acquired after normalisation. Percentile scores demonstrate the level of competitors that have scored equivalent to or beneath that specific percentile in that assessment and this is by and large from a size of 100 to 0 for every meeting of examinees. In this way, the higher scorer of each JEE Main 2021 meeting will wind up getting a similar percentile of 100 which is alluring.

NTA will incorporate the low marks of the students and normalise something similar to show up at the percentile scores for each subject – Maths, Physics and Chemistry just as an aggregate. The most noteworthy score of each JEE Main 2021 meeting will get a similar percentile of 100 which is great. The marks got in the middle of the greatest and most minimal scores will likewise be changed over to percentiles. This percentile score will be utilized for the arrangement of the merit list. It is to be noticed that the percentile scores will be determined up to 7 decimal places to such an extent that clustering impact can be decreased as can ties among competitors with similar scores.

  1. Major guidelines

These rules become effective when at least two applicants acquire equivalent percentile scores. The inter-merit settled in the request given as follows;

  • Competitors acquiring higher Percentile Score in Mathematics will be positioned higher.
  • Competitors acquiring a higher Percentile Score in Physics will be given the higher JEE Main position
  • Competitors acquiring a higher Percentile Score in Chemistry will get the higher position
  • Competitors more seasoned in age will be given inclination.
  1. Marks v/s Rank

JEE Main Marks Vs Rank will give the candidates a reasonable thought of their normal position to make them qualified for their particular schools. With the assistance of this, the applicants will get the thought and they can foresee their position and qualified universities, wherein they can get affirmation. Normally, JEE Main Marks versus Rank is refreshed before the declaration of the outcomes. JEE Main Marks and positions will give the applicants a reasonable thought of their normal positions and marks scored by them.

JEE Main Marks versus Rank will assist the applicants with finding out with regards to what to pick during the advising system

If anybody cleared the test they can look for affirmation in the NITs (National Institutes of Technology), IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and Government Funded Technical Institutes (GFTIs).

  1. Determining factor

The examiners think about the accompanying elements while deciding the JEE Main 2021 Marks v/s Rank v/s Percentile:

  • Number of applications got,
  • Number of questions posed in the JEE Mains paper,
  • The difficulty level of the JEE Main paper, to get an idea of the difficulty level you can refer to JEE Mains questions paper 2019
  • Execution of the competitors, and
  • Earlier year JEE Main Marks Vs Ranks


Other than realizing JEE Mains marks versus percentile 2021, It is additionally essential to comprehend which rank will be granted to an up-and-comer on a specific percentile. It is pretty much as significant as understanding the JEE Main imprints versus percentile.

With JEE Main turning into the main engineering passage test in the country and being conducted four times each year, the most essential question that most students run over is the examination between JEE Main marks, JEE Main position, and JEE Main Percentile. A greater part of the students is confused with regards to what rank they will get against their marks obtained in JEE Main, or how many checks are needed to get a predefined rank to tidy JEE Main Cut up. This article will help you clear all your doubts.

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