BeMobile targets youth market with convenient and cheap call services

BeMobile, a new African digital mobile network, has been launched targeting the Kenyan and African youth market. In partnership with the global mobile virtual network Enabler (MVNE), x-Mobility, BeMobile aims to give Africans freedom and control over their communication.

Not only will BeMobile give African youth the opportunity to break away from incumbent MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) the Pan-African Network will also empower them to express themselves with new and exciting digital tools. When it comes to international calling, BeMobile rates are up to five times cheaper than the local telco’s when calling international markets like the US.

BeMobile’s revolutionary network will give African the freedom to connect with the world on different international numbers (from the US, Canada and the UK) using personalized profiles, without the need for an extra sim card. All they need is the BeMobile app to access this innovative service.

“BeMobile will break the stereotypes of mobile and create an iconic youth brand across Africa,” said Kevin Mulei, the  CEO of BeMobile. “The youth is the market to win. BeMobile believes in the African Youth Culture and that’s the reason we are launching BeMobile. We will do this partly thanks to the bold and inspiring spirit x-Mobility brings to the telecoms market. They also have years of experience and great digital know-how.”

The BeMobile App offers international numbers (UK, US and Canada) on your existing handset for those who want privacy and control over their mobile communication. BeMobile will also offer free calls to friends and family at home or abroad if they call within the app, cheaper international call rates, multiple new number profiles (including international numbers) for chatting with your dating site matches and more.

“BeMobile is an exciting youth brand committed to empowering and connecting the African youth to the world through digital solutions. Their new Pan-African mobile brand is not only exciting, but disruptive and innovative too,” said Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility.

The BeMobile app will provide a disruptive and creative outlet for the youth market. For the first time, African youth can own, control and segment their global communication in a click.

BeMobile is a disruptive and innovative technology conglomerate that is shaping the future of communication by connecting consumers to innovative digital solutions. BeMobile app is an innovation that allows Africans to own and personalize up to 4 international numbers from the US, UK or Canada without the need for an extra sim card.

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