How to Score Full Marks in Class 10 Maths Board

Mathematics is not a language subject that students can memorize and give the examination. It is a logical and calculating subject that can be understood only by practice. The result of the Class 10 Board Examination is of great significance for both the CBSE and the RBSE students. Students should not affect their results because of the Mathematics subject. By practising Maths, pupils not only comprehend the concepts but also develop their reasoning skills. Therefore, they are advised to focus on this subject.

It becomes difficult for students to prepare for the Maths Board Examination of Class 10. This article will help both the CBSE and the RBSE students to score full marks in the Class 10 Maths Board Exam by providing them with some preparation tricks and tips.

The important points that should be kept in mind while studying are as follows:

  • Course of Class 10 Maths According To The CBSE.

As per the CBSE guidelines, students should use the NCERT Maths book while preparing for the exams. They have to study the chapters of this book thoroughly to get good marks in the examination. The syllabus for Class 10 students of Maths is given below:

  1. Chapter 1 – Real Numbers
  2. Chapter 2 – Polynomials
  3. Chapter 3 – Linear Equations In Two Variables
  4. Chapter 4 – Quadratic Equations
  5. Chapter 5 – Arithmetic Progressions
  6. Chapter 6 – Triangles
  7. Chapter 7 – Coordination Geometry
  8. Chapter 8 – Introduction To Trigonometry
  9. Chapter 9 – Some Applications Of Trigonometry
  10. Chapter 10 – Circles
  11. Chapter 11 – Constructions
  12. Chapter 12 – Areas Related To Circles
  13. Chapter 13 – Surface Areas And Volumes
  14. Chapter 14 – Statistics
  15. Chapter 15 – Probability


  • Develop A Study Plan.

Students should start their preparation 3 or 4 months before starting the Class 10 Board Examinations. A fruitful timetable will assist them in studying and completing their daily goals. Here is the process which they can follow to make an effective schedule:

  1. Allot equal time to each subject.
  2. Study Maths at least 2-3 hours a day.
  3. Prepare a list of important chapters and start practising those first.
  4. Include small intervals of breaks to relax your mind.
  5. Practice solving questions to understand the concepts easily.
  6. Do exercise and mediation daily to keep your body and mind fit.
  7. Avoid eating junk food and drink lots of water.
  8. Have a good sleep of 7-8 hours.


  • Exam Pattern For Maths Board Examination Class 10.

After knowing about the syllabus, students must centralize on the blueprint of the question paper as it will enable them to prepare for the exam. Underneath is the exam pattern for the Class 10 Maths Board Examination:

The question paper consists of 36 questions and is split up into two parts – Part A and Part B.

  1. Part A

This portion is further dispersed into two sections:

  1. Section 1 – 16 questions (1 mark each)
  2. Sections 2 – 4 questions based on case study (4 marks each)
  3. Part B

There are 3 subdivisions of Part B:

  1. Very Short Answers – 6 questions (2 marks each)
  2. Short Answers – 7 questions (3 marks each)
  3. Long Answers – 3 questions (5 marks each)


  • The NCERT Maths Book.

Students should start their preparation with the help of the NCERT book. This book contains all the chapters which are explained in detail. The dialect of this book is easy to understand. By solving the NCERT questions, students will be able to build the concepts strongly. Pupils will discover the NCERT Solutions all over the internet. Also, the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths NCERT Book Hindi Medium are available.


  • Ample Of Questions.

Working out on various sample papers and previous years’ question papers can be productive for all the students as these papers will provide different types of questions. Students can strengthen their concepts or important topics by practising them. Also, students will discover that most of the questions are directly asked from the NCERT book.


  • Practice Copies Or Registers.

A person becomes perfect when he practices a lot. To comprehend the concepts without any difficulty, students should make registers for practising questions. They should make separate copies of important theorems and formulas. This technique will assist students to memorize these formulas at the revision time so that they can recall these at the time of examination.


  • Teachers’ Guidance.

A student of Class 10 should not miss any of their maths classes as the teachers will teach them each topic and will help them to solve every question. Students can ask their teachers to help them in clearing their doubts. Also, teachers’ guidance is helpful during the examination. They will discuss how to solve questions in steps and attempt the question paper. Teachers are the best advisers as they can help students to score well in the Maths examination.


  • Help Others.

Studying in groups can be beneficial for many students as they can discuss with each other their queries and can learn and understand vital formulas and theorems. Through this method, students can work on their weaknesses. By explaining to others, they can make a strong grip on what they have learnt. They will also get a chance to learn new topics which they have missed out on.


  • The Important Day.

The day before the examination is very significant. On this day, students should focus on themselves. They should try to remain calm and relaxed. Pupils should avert studying new chapters and concepts. They should revise formulas from their notes. To concentrate on their examination, students are advised to take 8 hours of sleep.


  • Strategies to Answer The Question Paper.

After entering the examination hall, students should try to relax their minds as panicking will result in forgetting what they have learnt. They should read the question paper carefully and aim to recall what they have studied. Pupils should write solutions to every question in steps. They should avoid scratching in the answer sheet. Students should do rough work on the right-hand side of the answer sheet.


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