2021 Lineup: So which TV model from LG will you pick out?

It’s the Christmas season, again. Being the time of giving, spreading good cheer while reflecting on how blessed (or fortunate) we are to have made it thus far, a thought that inwardly calls on our conscience to come out and appreciate those who’ve walked with us during the course of the year.

Appreciation of those who’ve been good to us can be expressed in many forms – by choosing to spend quality time with them while sharing meals together, sending them Season’s cards, cash, shopping vouchers, or buying them gifts. Let’s stay with buying and sending gifts.

Depending on the relationship (whether the recipient is a relative, professional colleague, friend, or close family member), one can then decide on what type of a gift would be appropriate (and would be appreciated by the other party when finally unwrapped). Of course the sender’s budget also plays a significant part in determining the choice of gift.

Talking of budgets, assuming cash is not your main concern and you’re ready and plan to surprise someone with a Christmas gift that would leave a long and lasting impression on them (and their household, for those with families), how about you upgrade their living room with a new TV set from LG Electronics? Apart from a car, we believe any model from LG’s 2021 TV lineup would make the perfect choice and ultimate gift this season, if not any day.

And here’s why.

Due to advancements in technology and overall design of TVs, LG currently develops TV sets with every user’s viewing preferences and needs in mind. And from its 2021 TV lineup, released during the first quarter of this, four models stand out from LG Electronics’ new addition to the Home Entertainment portfolio. Below, we highlight the key design and functionality features of each model:

  • LG OLED: Has unparalleled innovative thin design that looks and fits well in any room. With its Gen4 AI processor, it evolves every moment to upscale the viewer’s picture quality. Delivers a clearer and smoother gaming experience.
  • LG NanoCell: Purifies colors to deliver the real picture quality, thereby taking the viewer(s) much closer to the visual action. Ensures that you catch every moment of your favorite team, thereby enabling the viewer(s) to catch all the scores and final results. Ideal for watching sports.
  • LG QNED MiniLED: Billed as the best model when it comes to picture quality for LED TV models. Has a slim depth which fits comfortably in any chosen location.
  • LG UHD TV: Has a wide viewing angle from LG IPS panel, letting the viewer(s) to enjoy their favorite movies (or popular drama) on a super-sized TV screen. The Gen4 AI Processor evolves every moment to upscale the picture quality unlike in other UHD TV models. Delivers the ultimate movie viewing experience while its in-built AI function ensures natural language voice command.

Of course what we’ve highlighted are just but some of the main features of the premium models of LG TVs. And it would only be fair for you to take a few minutes during your visits to major malls in the country to tour the LG Brand Shops and the Experience Zone. We assure you the experience will be worth your while. You can alternatively take a sneak preview of the models by visiting LG’s eShowroom.


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