Advancements in Car Tech We Need to Pay Attention to

Even if you don’t particularly care about the type of car that you drive, you should still be prepared to learn about some of the advancements that are driving this industry forward. There are so many interesting tech innovations that are transforming the automobile industry. It might not be too long before it is not just the luxury cars that carry these but the more affordable options too.

Electric Innovations

There has been a definite move away from using fossil fuels to power cars and looking towards electric sources instead. While they once would have been good for just short journeys, it is now possible to see innovations that see cars with powerful batteries that will last for hours or even days.

There has been a fierce debate about the merits of hybrid vs electric that has been ongoing for some time. Ultimately, it can depend on personal preference. Some might want to go hybrid and have the option for both, others are happy to go full electric. If this is something that you wish to look into, this guide to choosing hybrid vs electric should give you more of an idea about the merits of both and what they can offer.

It is worth noting how easy it would be for you to charge your car if you do want to go for a wholly electric model. How many charging points are there in your local area? How far would you have to drive to find a new place to charge if you were to go away on holiday in this car? There are so many variables that need to be covered, and it can be difficult to find charging points in more rural locations, or if you aren’t too familiar with the local area.

Self-Driving Cars

One of the big innovations that we have seen emerging recently has been that of self-driving cars. This innovation can take many different forms. At its most basic, it might be a reversing aid. The driver simply has to line the car up and then an onboard AI will work out what needs to be done to bring the car to a safe park.

However, this is not the only type of self-driving car that we can see online. We are beginning to see cars with full autopilot functions. They are mainly to be used on highways and other drives that do not require a lot of human interaction. Drivers do need to be aware of their surroundings and must not be distracted when the car is steering itself, but they do not have to have to be as in control as with other driving instances.

As for full roads of self-driving cars, we are still a little way from seeing this becoming a reality. While advancements are made every day, there is a strong chance that this tech will have to be developed a lot more before it becomes completely commonplace in society.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is being added to many areas of our lives. It is a very useful tool that can make many aspects of our everyday lives that little bit easier to manage. This tech could become built into the window screens of modern cars so that we are able to see relevant information about the drive.

Rather than place information like the speedometer, gas mileage and other important metrics on a dashboard, it will therefore be up on the windscreen of the car. This means that a driver will be able to look at some of the important things they need to know about their journey without having to take their eyes off the road.

Together with developments that could draw map directions on the windscreens for drivers to follow, this will help to make improvements to the safety of the road users all around. Though a driver might only take their eyes off the road for a fraction of a second while they check their speed, there is still the potential that something could happen in this time.

Driving Personalisation

No two drivers are the same, and this means that cars need to be adapted to their different drivers. If you share the car with someone, they might have the cabin set up in a very different way from you – especially if they are a different height. Luckily, machine learning and an advancement in the way in which cars can be set up has resulted in us being able to have different driving profiles to help offer a personalised driving experience in the cars.

When someone goes to drive a car, they can select a profile from some of the ones programmed into the car’s system. The car will then automatically adjust seat placement and mirrors to match the dedicated profile. Should you share a car with someone of a very different height or build to you, this could be incredibly helpful instead of having to readjust the car manually each time.

On top of this, more cars are being developed which talk and communicate with other smart devices. It is easier than ever to link our phones to our cars. This means that we can make hands-free calls or texts or can even get directions easily. On top of this, it is not uncommon to find cars that are now able to link up with our smartphones through an app or other means. This means that a car owner can receive a quick notification and alert if something is wrong with their car that needs addressing.

Driving Forwards

The advancements in car tech are not quite as obvious as they might be in some other areas, but they are definitely worth investigating. If you want to know more about some of the changes making a big wave in the world of the automotive industry, you are going to have plenty to discover. Thinking of upgrading your car soon? Have a look at some of the innovations that you could opt for!


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