New Cloud-based solution to boost SMEs’ productivity in Kenya and Uganda

Cloud Productivity Solutions has launched a Small Medium and Enterprise Boost (SME Boost) solution, powered by Microsoft 365 Business, that seeks to transform the way modern businesses work. SME Boost provides organizations with improved real-time communication, collaboration, and advanced security features that improve productivity in and out of the workplace.

SME Boost is a cloud-based solution driven by the changing work culture from on-premises to remote and hybrid work. With SME Boost, you can perform a variety of business functions, such as website and ecommerce hosting, share and store files securely, email marketing, and much more in one solution. As such, businesses will be able to eliminate costly and multiple apps with this unified single productivity solution.

(TOP: Jeremiah Kibanga, CEO Cloud Productivity Solutions, during the launch of SME Boost in Nairobi. BELOW: Mickael Kerbidi, the MD, MC3 Cloud).

Organizations that use SME Boost will benefit from user adoption/training through workshops, adoption resources, and guidance. This will help staff develop the skills needed to utilize all features provided once SME Boost has been deployed. More so, Cloud Productivity Solutions will also provide customer proactive support, a service that anticipates customer issues and provides remedies in advance. Customers won’t need to contact the company and wait for long hours anymore.

“In the advent of Covid-19 pandemic we have seen a change in the workplace and moving forward research has shown that 90% of organizations are planning to combine remote and onsite working,” said Cloud Productivity Solutions CEO Jeremiah Kibanga.

“With the change in the workplace, it has also meant that approximately 60% of employees feel less connected to colleagues after shifting to remote working.”

SME Boost therefore will bridge this gap and ensure that these challenges are addressed, and businesses work seamlessly. This is in addition to guaranteeing protection from internal and external threats in a cost-effective manner since Statistics from Microsoft show that 43% of all cyber-attacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. SME Boost has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and protocols that will protect your business, devices, and data from advanced software threats.

According to the Kibanga, Cloud Productivity Solutions is committed to providing a pay as you grow service depending on the organization’s needs and budget. “We aim to work with clients across different industries geared towards a modern workplace,” he added.

Cloud Productivity Solutions is a professional services firm committed to delivering business solutions to SMEs and large corporates. Established in 2015, it is a technology firm in East Africa that specializes in helping companies save money through secure productivity and collaboration tools. The company aims to provide end-to-end support for companies transitioning to the cloud.

With offices in Kenya and Uganda, the company has the experience and a proven track record of delivering results for businesses of different sizes and industries. The company offers the latest technology solutions, personalized to any business needs.


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