Samsung’s WindFree air conditioners now available in Kenya

The Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner is now available in Kenya. The air conditioner boasts of the highest cooling capacity available in the Kenyan market. The WindFree air conditioner was introduced through a colorful launch event held at Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel in Nairobi.

Present during the event were Samsung dealers, industry stakeholders, Samsung Electronics Business Development Manager and Technical support East Africa and West Africa and Indian Ocean Islands Master Trainer Frank William Smith; Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics Sam Odhiambo; Business Manager, Samsung Electronics Elikem JY Goh; as well as President, Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK), Executive Council Member,- World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Engineer Nathaniel Matalanga, who was the chief guest.

(TOP: Samsung Electronics Head of  Heating Ventilation  and Air Conditioning Engineer Herbart Wamalwa – left – explains the features of one of the Samsung WindFree AC systems to President of the  Institution of Engineers of Kenya, Eng Nathaniel Matalanga – second centre – and Second Vice-President of IEK, Eng Erick Ohaga – first centre. Looking on is Samsung Electronics Business Development Manager and Technical support East Africa and West Africa and Indian Ocean Islands Master Trainer Frank William Smith – right).

The Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner boasts the ability to cut energy consumption by 55%. The air conditioner ensures that room temperatures remain regulated according to the user’s preferences. It’s further designed to cool or heat wide and large areas, meaning the temperature of an entire room can be managed easily. Another bonus of the Samsung WindFree air conditioner is the Good Sleep mode, an innovation that automatically manages the temperature of the room while people are asleep to optimize the various stages of their sleep cycle.

“The only way to know when it’s time for an upgrade for any of your electronics is when you cannot control them from your mobile phone. AI technology is here with us and as Samsung we are working on ensuring that all our electronics are AI enabled including the Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner that we have launched today. We are ensuring that you can control your office from the palm of your hand and at your convenience,” said Sam Odhiambo. “Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner is technology of the future and we would like each and every one of you to experience it.”

Samsung’s WindFree Air Conditioners come with an AI Auto Cooling feature that makes it easier to stay warm or cool. With artificial intelligence, the devices analyse room conditions, user-preferred temperatures and heating (or cooling) modes, and even the climate outdoors to automatically switch to an optimal room setting. The innovative 2-Way Auto Swing automatically controls the air flow direction, so it evenly distributes warm/cool air to ensure maximum comfort. Wind-Free also works with the Samsung SmartThings app, so you can turn the air conditioner on and off, schedule operations, switch settings, and even monitor power consumption from your smartphone.

Samsung’s WindFree Air Conditioner lets you maintain a stable room temperature via remote control optimized to the user’s daily schedule. The WindFree cooling technology keeps people in the room pleasantly cool while cleaning the air and saving energy. The new technology within the air conditioner provides users with an effective cooling experience without the unpleasant sensation of harsh, cold air blowing directly onto their skin. Once the desired temperature is set, WindFree Cooling will quietly and gently disperse cool air through 23,000 micro air holes to ensure that everyone in the room does not feel an annoying draft.

The Samsung WindFree air conditioners are available at all Samsung dealer stores nationwide and come with a two-year warranty as well as a 10-year warranty on the compressor.


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