HealthX, a telemedicine provider, makes entry in Kenyan market

HealthX, a fully equipped, and virtual medical facility has launched its services in Kenya consolidating gains made in healthcare innovations and technologies in the past years. The healthcare provider will utilize digital platforms to provide next generation telemedicine and tele-monitoring services, giving all Kenyans access to high quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

Through the integrated telehealth platform, patients will have 24/7 access to qualified and licensed healthcare professionals with extensive experience in primary healthcare and patient management who are permanently employed by HealthX. The services will be offered on a transparent subscription model which is affordable, giving patients access to medical consultations via video or voice calls, and live chat.

Qaizer Manji, HealthX Africa CEO, noted during the launch of HealthX: “There is a positive shift in innovations in the healthcare space which from our perspective has been due to necessity such as the one presented by Covid-19, increased digital connectivity, more willingness by providers to re-invent their modes of service provision and also regulatory changes that have made enabling innovation in provision of quality healthcare services. With Universal Health Coverage being a priority area in our country, we believe HealthX will make a major contribution towards the achievement of universal and quality healthcare in Kenya”.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed many consumers to embrace telehealth services at a faster rate than anticipated in the previous decade. Mckinsey & Company did a global telehealth analysis in July which shows over 40 percent of patients are willing to continue using telehealth services going forward- up from 11 percent using it prior to COVID-19. Investments in virtual health are therefore expected to grow at record levels as traditional healthcare providers also receive market pressure to innovate.

Mr. Manji also added that utilizing mobile and internet connectivity, the services will reduce congestion in healthcare facilities, lower costs for patients and give users access to educational healthcare content to help prevent diseases, which in the long term will contribute to a healthier population.                                                

HealthX has partnered with TruDoc 24×7, a leading population health management provider with extensive experience in the provision of integrated virtual healthcare services in the Middle East and North Africa. The facility will offer standardized care based on National Health Service (NHS) International Guidelines and all the doctors are licensed and have extensive clinical experience and specialized training on telehealth.      

HealthX is a fully equipped medical management system that uses a digital platform to provide next-generation telemedicine and telemonitoring services to Kenyans. As the first 24/7 population health management system in Kenya, the platform gives Kenyans access to licensed healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in primary healthcare and patient management. HealthX has partnered with TruDoc 24×7, a global population health management system, with over 6700 multinational clients serving over 4.4 million patients.


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