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As life itself is not always rosy, the best advice you can get is to have a backup: a backup plan, a support system, or a partnering company. The most logical way of counteracting the many unfortunate events that can happen is by having insurance. However, with so many options on the market, it is hard to make a choice. Adding to the broad market, the confusion with different definitions, conditions, coverages, exclusions, and endorsements can definitely give you a headache. In order to choose the insurance company and plan that fits your needs and potential risks ideally, here is a guide to help you reach a decision.

License and company history

First and foremost, not every insurance company is licensed to work in the state you live in. The list of eligible companies can be checked on the state official website, along with their contact details. This is important since, if there is a problem, you can rely on your state insurance department to help. Even though insurance frauds are common from the clients’ side, it is possible to become a victim of the counterfeit insurance company. Therefore, do check every company, especially independent agents for legibility.

Check their stocks, their clients, and public reports of the company. The company you select should be financially stable, so you can also be safe and sound for many years to come. The crucial numbers you need to pay attention to are total assets, market share, and growth ratio, especially if you are getting the insurance for your business or major new investment.

Reviews and the nature of complaints

When looking into a company, you should check the available reviews. The reviews on their website can be fake, as well as negative reviews over the internet (Google and Facebook, for example). Additionally, if the company is answering the negative comments with solutions is a great sign of dealing with the issues. However, the dominantly negative reviews will be a clear sign of the issue.

There is a possibility that there is an issue with a certain employee or one office, which can result in repeated negative comments. That does not need to concern you unless this is the office and the representative in your area. In that case, you maybe want to cooperate with another company. It is important that you have good communication and feel comfortable cooperating with your chosen company representative. One person might not affect your decision not to try signing the contract with that specific company, but it surely can be significant in understanding the way the company deals with complaints.

Independent agent or insurance company

You don’t actually have to decide and explore on your own. You can get professional advice, assessment, and even access to the contract from the insurance brokerages. These are the brokers that have contacts and contracts with multiple insurance companies and can offer a greater variety of plans, making it easier to find the perfect insurance plan according to their customer’s personal situation, requirements and needs. The job of the independent agent is, therefore, to find an insurance company that best fits the client’s insurance needs. Even when you sign with a company of your choice you can still have the same independent broker as your insurance agent.

If you have chosen a company for whatever reason, you may schedule an appointment in their local office. This way you can also meet your personal agent in person and get the explanations for each point of the service or contract that you need clarification for. Some people also feel safer signing a contract with the official company’s agent than with an independent insurance broker. Finally, it is easier to work with the direct agent if there is a need to adjust contracts or in any way change the existing insurance policy within the same company.

Digital or on the spot consultation

The previous section has dealt with two different types of consultations for the insurance plans, which are mostly done on the spot. The age of the internet and especially the global pandemic that has caused major lockdowns has digitalized even insurance companies. The platforms are made by the insurance software companies, making each step – from searching to signing to God forbid emergency contacting, a lot easier.

The convenience of your home and written communication, as well as the guided process, will let you pick easily the best plan for you and your goods insurance. This type of platform can also help you with online billing, online claim reporting, 24/7 availability, voice customer service or chat room, policy changes, and billing questions. These are the perks of the online platforms for the insurance companies which you may find more attractive than the regular office and phone consultations. The importance of the availability of digital options was already proven.

Prices and fees

When looking at insurance plans, the initial thought is often that the cheapest option is the best, as the least money but existing insurance is the best solution. That, by this line in the article, should have already been proved the wrong opinion. Whereas the convenience of a lower monthly or yearly bill is attractive, the details of the contract might not turn the best option for you.

Insurance underwriting should be explained to you when you are deciding on a plan or asking for a custom insurance plan. This is a process that is most simply described as a professional risk assessment of a potential client (in this case you and your good). An insurance underwriter is also often involved when there are payment issues, when new policies are issued, or, most commonly, when an insured person has made many claims.

The number of individuals and businesses interested in insurance plans is increasing, as well as the trend of digitised process, according to Deloitte’s global 2022 insurance outlook. Explore your options for as long as you want, until you are certain and comfortable in your agent, company and the insurance plan you chose or that has been customized for your needs. Your backup can be your carefully developed insurance plan.


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