LG bets big on AI and bots, showcases game-changer innovations at CES 2022

LG Electronics has announced a series of innovations at the CES 2022 set to transform lives by offering customers a personalized experience across its home appliances and consumer electronics.

The announcements focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart deployments to improve lives both in and out of the home.

Formerly Consumer Electronics Show, CES is currently the world’s most influential tech event/exhibition for the latest transformative technologies, including vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, digital health and smart home tech, as well as new categories: NFTs, food tech and space tech. It is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association – a global community of innovators shaping the future of technology.

(TOP: LG New Kitchen Duo). 

Commenting on the innovations to be revealed this year, LG Electronics East Africa MD Sa Nyoung Kim said: “Our job is to support and empower all Kenyans and entire East Africa with our innovations to attain a better life that they deserve not just for them but all those around them. We shall continue to do this by offering better convenience, safety and entertainment in a much more personal, inclusive, sustainable and with a heart into the future”

Among the big announcements made was the introduction of LGs new 2022 OLED TVs. First is the LG premium Gallery Series OLED TV known as the G2 series and second is the LG C-series OLED TV known as the C2 Series. They both feature LG’s advanced OLED panel, and exhibit the next level in OLED’s evolution, the OLED evo technology which delivers higher brightness for ultra-realistic images with amazing clarity and detail.

Powered by LG’s new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 5 intelligent processor,2 the company’s Brightness BoosterTM technology enables G2 series TVs to deliver even more brightness through improved heat dissipation and a more advanced algorithm. Important to note, both the G2 and C2 series OLED TVs are made to make for some of the best gaming TV options on the market in 2022.

Demonstrating its continuing leadership in the LCD TV space, LG is also unveiling an expanded QNED TV lineup for 2022. Boasting LG’s own Quantum Dot NanoCell technology.

“The fresh range offers stellar color reproduction with 100 percent color volume. It’s able to deliver rich, accurate colors in the brightest and darkest areas of a scene. Besides, the LG QNED Mini LED TV is capable of delivering amazing contrast thanks to LG’s Precision Dimming Technology. All models starting from the QNED90 Series are certified for 100% color consistency so viewers see the same, high-quality image every time, even at different viewing angles,” said Kim.

On home appliances, LG showcased its InstaView technology, featured in its refrigerators, the Door-in-Door design lets you see inside without opening the door – simply, users will only have to knock twice on the refrigerator door, see what’s inside and then reach favorites in an instant. One can adjust the door brightness through their mobile phone with the LG ThinQ app.

Besides, LG exhibited new features in its AI washer and dryer that can be installed and upgraded using the LG ThinQ app just like in smartphones. Thanks to LG AI technology, users are able to set customizable alarms to notify them when the wash cycle is complete. This not only saves users time but also energy while offering a premium customer experience.

Additionally, LG unveiled robots for deployment in various settings like deliveries and housecleaning, as well as futuristic vehicles with ‘meta’ screens. First was the LG Door to Door Robot that can run both indoors and outdoors.

Looking into the future, LG further showcased its mobility concept solution, the LG Omnipod which offers on the road extension of personal living space. Ideal for when autonomous driving becomes a reality. The LG Omnipod will provide the means for all the things one can do if they are not driving – a mobile office, a personal exercise studio, an immersive cinema with drinks and snacks onboard, a personal shopping mall for virtual retail and a camping mode when you reach your destination.

Betting big on bots, LG also announced the LG CLOi GuideBot. Ideal for conferences and retail spaces, the bot is made to direct guests and has a sizeable screen that can display advertising and navigate environments while directing guests. It also houses speech recognition and touch interaction. Unveiled alongside it is the CLOi Serve Bot, capable of serving drinks and snacks to guests.

Besides the Innovation, LG Global CEO William Cho noted that they have bigger plans to achieve a more sustainable feature.

“With everyone racing to deliver devices to meet the need of the hour, at LG we are going big at elevating the viewing and home appliances experience without escalating the environmental impact. All our latest products are energy-efficient and eco-conscious. It is part of our strategy to reduce carbon emissions generated in the product production stage by 50% by 2030,” said Cho.

He further announced a pledge to introduce upto 600,000 tons of recycled plastics into the LG manufacturing process and increase the recovery of electronic waste to upto 8 million tons by 2030.


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