How to optimize your WordPress website for mobile users

By Kandarp Bhatt

Over the past decade, the number of mobile users has far surpassed desktop users, and the majority of the searches and purchase transactions are now happening on mobile devices.

Consequently, it is now imperative for modern entrepreneurs to leverage mobile responsiveness and optimize their existing websites for smartphone users.

A mobile responsive website can turn out to be your greatest asset when it comes to addressing potential consumers, enabling them to access your site from anywhere. Without one, it will be difficult for your visitors to find you, ultimately bringing down website traffic.

Moreover, the current update in the Google algorithm also emphasizes mobile optimization when determining search engine rankings.

When done correctly, mobile optimization can be incredibly beneficial for your website.

Below, we have mentioned the most effective strategies to optimize your website for mobile users and gain maximal benefits.

Firstly, let us understand why mobile traffic matters for modern businesses.

Why does Mobile Traffic matter?

Both consumer behavior and technology have evolved drastically over the past few years. With smartphone users accounting for 50% of contributors to online traffic, it is not surprising that every potential user will interact with your website through a smartphone at some point.

Apart from expanding your reach to mobile users, there are several other reasons why it is essential to optimize your WordPress website for mobile devices:


In search engines like Google’ mobile responsiveness is a crucial factor and plays a vital role in determining the ranking of your website.

With such a large portion of clients coming from search engine results, your site must rank highly in search engine results, making the website mobile responsive a crucial step in expanding digital presence.

Accessibility and Display

When mobile users visit your website and find it inconvenient to scroll through your website, they are highly likely to abandon it. This will ultimately lead to a negative user experience and increase your bounce rate.


The attention span of internet users has decreased significantly, making it difficult for modern entrepreneurs to grab their attention and hold it for long periods. By adopting mobile optimization, you will reach your users where they are present. This will ultimately improve your conversion rate and customer retention.

Actionable tips to gain maximal results from WordPress Mobile Optimization

Opt for a Responsive WordPress Theme

The first and foremost step on your journey towards mobile optimization is to use a responsive wordpress theme. Your theme may look perfect on a desktop, but if it is not a responsive design, it will impact the user experience when you access it from other devices.

With a responsive design, you can eliminate the need to run a mobile site separately and your traditional desktop site. This way, you can address a larger audience with a single site, gaining maximum content reach with minimal effort.

Select a reliable Web Host

Selecting the right host plays a colossal role in deriving results from your WordPress site. If your host does not provide adequate speed or tools, it will impact the consumer experience for both desktop and mobile users.

You must ensure that the hosting provider you select is consistent, secure, and backed up with great support. Always go for dedicated web hosting; this not only assures that you have a dedicated server but also improves your website speed and overall security.

Improve your website loading time

One of the most crucial factors in determining user-friendliness is ‘website loading time.’ If your website takes too long to load, the user will get annoyed and eventually shift to a competitor’s website.

Some tips to improve the overall speed of your website are as follows:

  • Implement web page caching to make it easier to access the website. Several caching plugins support this feature.
  • Reduce the page loading time by compressing photo size and large media files.
  • To make your site more efficient, use simple coding if possible.
  • To avoid any vulnerabilities or security issues, make sure your website is updated.

Focus on SEO-friendliness

Along with taking care of user experience, you must also consider that your website needs to be optimized for search engine algorithms.

You should ensure that crawlers from search engines can seamlessly navigate through your website.

Many plugins and themes can help you improve your WordPress website’s SEO. If you use pop-ups, be sure they don’t take up the entire mobile screen or hide important information.

Use Mobile-Friendly Pop-ups

Website Ad Pop-Ups are prevalent tools for driving the consumer’s attention. However, If these pop-ups are full screen or too large, it may lead to frustration amongst mobile users.

You must use mobile-friendly pop-ups or block them entirely for mobile audiences by adding specific Javascript codes to avoid showing these pop-ups to users browsing from mobile devices.

Quality Assurance

Before launching the website, it must undergo a thorough quality assurance procedure. The best way to do so is to check on several devices simultaneously. This will help determine how your WordPress site is performing on varied devices.

Firstly, analyze the speed and design on assorted screen sizes and then use dedicated testing tools to measure specific performance criteria.

Signing Off

The mobile optimization tips mentioned above will help you make your website suitable for diverse mobile users. However, this is not enough. For deriving maximum benefits from your site, it is essential to equip it with advanced mobile optimization features, and for that, you may need to hire a WordPress developer.

These professional developers will not only aid in making your website mobile-friendly but also make regular changes to keep the user experience seamless whenever they use their mobile site.

(Kandarp Bhatt is an international speaker, technology visionary and web Aficionado. Kandarp Bhatt runs ZealousWeb, a Digital Transformation company that offers inventive digital solutions to clients in 66 countries.  An eCommerce enthusiast, he is committed to expanding the digital footprint of his clients by delivering innovative solutions that meet their business requirements. Nothing moves him more than seeing his clients’ growth).


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