Yellow Pages launches new service to better connect SMEs with customers

Yellow Pages have announced the launch of a new service, Yellow Connect, specifically designed to help SMEs grow
the visibility of their businesses both online and offline, and reach more customers with prices starting from as low as Kshs 2,500.

While making the announcement, Yellow Pages CEO, Pedro Gomes, noted that small businesses may lack the manpower and capital to dedicate to large scale marketing efforts, and this is the gap that Yellow Connect aims to fill.

“In my opinion, SMEs face two major challenges; the first is the lack of manpower in the organisations, and the second is the need to grow beyond their physical locations. Yellow Connect basically gives them that opportunity,” said Gomes.

In addition to providing services such as website creation, listing on the Yellow Pages digital and print directories, and email and SMS campaigns, Yellow Connect allows SME owners to monitor and engage sales leads through a proprietary system designed to streamline the customer acquisition process.

The launch comes during a crucial phase of recovery following the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on global economies. Stay at home orders and limited movements wreaked havoc on Kenyan small businesses that relied on foot traffic to drive sales. A recent National Economic Survey by the Central Bank of Kenya reported that SMEs constitute 98% of all businesses in Kenya and create 30% of the jobs.

“SMEs play a very important role in Kenya’s economy by creating millions of jobs, contribute significantly to innovation and act as incubators for the future of business. We, the Yellow Pages, can provide the SMEs with the tools they need to survive and grow in the economy. Our mission has always been connecting businesses to their
clients,” added Gomes.

Yellow Connect joins a host of other marketing products offered by Yellow Pages including social media marketing, regional business directories, and a tourism directory.

Kenya Postel Directories Limited (or Yellow Pages) was founded in 1991, as a joint venture between Telkom Kenya and Directel, a subsidiary of Portugal Telecom International. In its formative stages, it was the publisher of the official telephone, email, fax tourism guide books. It has since diversified to offer a comprehensive database in Kenya that can be accessed through the internet, mobile, and print platforms.


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