88% of children in Kenya interested in IT careers

Almost 90% of young respondents in Kenya find the IT area interesting according to a Kaspersky survey conducted by Toluna research agency from April – May 2021. Moreover, 86% of them would like to work in the IT space in the future. Less than a quarter (12%) didn’t think about this direction at all and just 2% don’t want to work in this domain.

Internships in IT area are also attractive to the teenagers from different regions of Kenya. According to the data, 50% have been interested in undertaking internships for upper school students but they did not get on this. Also 13% mentioned they are not interested in this because they don’t know where to find appropriate information – while 38% of young respondents were able to reach real trainee programs in IT companies.

The parents, who participated in the survey, are also interested in IT future prospects for their kids. The majority of them (92%) want their children to receive a technical education: graduate from a technical university or a college. Nearly eight in ten of respondents from Kenya (76%) mentioned that their child attends technical courses or online classes, such as programming, robotics while 17% of adults are just considering such lessons for their children.

“There is a well-known global tendency for increasing interest to the jobs in IT area and in the Africa, Middle East and Turkey (META) region hasn’t become an exception. Both parents and children realise a high potential in technological domain that we can already notice even in daily life. However, the results of the survey also showed that children sometimes just cannot find necessary information that may help them to get on internship and try their hand at real projects. This is a direction we should work on,” comments Ara Arakelian, the HR Manager for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Kaspersky.

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