The 10 key social startups of 2022

Nowadays when any IT business is global, it is difficult to define which startups are the most successful. That is why we have prepared the list of the most socially important startups you may not have heard of yet.

World-known companies deliver food by drones, give customers an opportunity to try on clothes online before purchasing them, create personalized nutrition programs  and much more. This list is based on success stories, investments raised and social benefits of varied IT-solutions. The overview  includes promising projects in a variety of categories.


In particular situations AI-enabled programs can think, learn, and act as humans do. Goodstyle – a  multi-brand virtual fitting room, the algorithms of which are implemented by neural networks. With the help of the mobile app, any user can not only try on things virtually, but also combine items, create a complete look and manage a virtual wardrobe. It gives the new experience of virtual trying on and increases your online shopping satisfaction. The application is ideal for those who don’t have time for offline shopping.

With the help of GoodStyle a person can build his personal style by combining items from a wide catalog within the app and try outfits on in a virtual fitting room. This is a whole new level of online shopping – the level of a virtual stylist, when it is not a person who advises, but a neural network.


Curology is a cosmetic company that provides actual prescription skin care customized for any  skin type and delivered right to the door. It makes prescription skin care affordable and accessible online, offering virtual consultations and custom formulas for acne and anti-aging. Clinical trials show that certain prescription treatments may be more than twice as effective as using over-the-counter options for acne but they can also be twice as expensive, requiring in-person visits to a dermatologist and high drug costs.

The company helps people reach tremendous, long-term improvements previously accessible only to a small percentage of the population. Their technology enables 1:1 chats with real dermatology providers and lets users share their journeys with an engaged and growing community.


This startup is also known as “Netflix for Perfume”. Scentbird uses tech solutions to give useful recommendations to customers and thereby increase sales.

How does the technology work? A customer registers, then takes an interactive quiz which helps the algorithm of Scentbird to determine the user’s preferences. Which scent is more pleasant: citrus or woody, spicy or floral, watery or fruity? Scentbird makes personalized recommendations based on the answers to the quiz. Then the  customer chooses the best options  and places them in a monthly queue. Scentbird sends a month supply of each fragrance in a cute and handy  bottle-purse for $15.95.

Magic Kids

It is a mobile app for effective virtual learning for children from 4 years old, using AI to create an interactive educational process (voice and object recognition around a child, recommendation algorithms) and AR-based technology. Magic Kids is a whole set of mechanics through which you can learn the ABC, the English alphabet and  etc. through the world around you. The application  recognizes an object that is near a child and then visualizes its first letter and full name.


Discover your best health and healthiest weight, for life!

The project helps to create a healthy diet. The service analyzes users’ personal data to help them make gradual dietary adjustments rather than keeping to a strict diet. It sends clients special blood and stool tests, which can be used to determine the amount of fat, sugar and glucose in the body.


The project is related to social support. The company helps homeless people find a job and build a career. The startup was founded in  2017 and it has employed more than 300 people since then.

In 2020 Beam began supplying people in need with  hygiene products, food and textbooks and tablets for children.


It is a platform for hiring employees worldwide. Omnipresent technologies allow companies to hire employees all around the world without wasting time on bureaucracy.

The startup does not only give an opportunity to find a job in 160 countries, but also helps new employees to adapt. A remote team of experts supports them online 24/7.

Clear Health Program

It is a service of personalized nutrition programs. The company offers customers to use a patch with a chip that monitors their bodies’ response to what they eat and drink. Then Clear Health creates a personalized nutrition program based on this data.

This should help to improve a person’s energy level, weight control and overall health.


CureApp is a Doctor in your pocket. Using the people can take notes on their health status, getting a prognosis of possible health problems. The app also offers personalized advice on adjusting diet, lifestyle and habits, and helps to  fight against smoking and chronic diseases. The users’ collected health data is sent to the main center for static studies.

The idea is simple and effective: the startup offers not to fight diseases, but to prevent their occurrence by means of constant body condition scanning. Such an approach can significantly help in solving one of humanity’s main tasks – prolonging life.


Grip is a fertility test .The project has come up with the technology that women can use to take a home test and determine the best time to conceive a child. Grip creates an individual profile of a user and monitors the lady’s health. The service is available in the Netherlands and the U.K. The team plans to launch in Germany in 2022.

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