Why Mobile Is The Platform Of Choice For Betting In African Countries

The online domain of sports may be a fairly new arrival to the continent of Africa when compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia. Making up for its shorter history with speedy and massive growth, Africa has become established in rapid expansion for online gambling through providers like the Betway app in comparison to any other region of the world.

It is expected that even more growth will be observed for sports betting in 2022 in Africa. A look at the six countries that have become havens for African punters includes South Africa, an established market, coupled with the awakenings of Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, and the big kahuna of Nigeria.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are the cornerstone of gambling. Deposits and withdrawals represent two ends marking the completion and commencement of the entire activity. The most convenient methods found in Africa use mobile payments. Two of the main challenges facing companies trying to expand gambling in the region include uncertain legislation and doubts over whether or not clients will find convenience and ease in a particular option.


Options brought to the fanatics in Kenya greatly depend on the site. Those that operate in this territory typically emphasize a cash-transfer system referred to as M-Pesa. It functions under the nation’s telecommunication company of Safaricom. To use the methods, players need to open accounts, cash in, and send the funds to the sportsbook. Withdrawals are straightforward and convenient. Still, regardless of location in Africa, it’s best to use Betway app for its cross-platform functionality.

There is a multitude of agents across centres in which the money can be easily received. For offshore, players have the option to use payment methods with an international reputation like MasterCard and VISA. Aside from this, they can use various electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill. These operate in a similar fashion to Betway app and M-Pesa, with the key difference being that they aren’t localized. Mobile betting is available to all players in Kenya.

A significant percentage of those that gamble do it with their phones on programs like Betway app, with the market seeing substantial expansion. This growth is attributable to the ease of access to betting platforms.

South Africa

Licensed sportsbooks residing in South Africa typically accept VISA and MasterCard as primary payment methods. Aside from those, punters can make withdrawals and deposits in major banks anywhere across the country. For instance, they can use the First National and Standard bank. Players in the nation are able to deposit Skrill, s Neteller, and E-wallets. Numerous betting sites like Betway app allow multiple payments methods like EntroPay, iPay, and PaySafeCard.

Gamblers in the region can use their phones irrespective of if the sportsbook has an official license or not. It may be impossible to make a request for a bonus, withdrawals, or access customer support features like live chat. To access these options, most users will require a dedicated computer. Many players rely on their mobile devices for betting, so it’s best to use options like Betway app.


Nigerians face an uphill struggle when cashing in at online bookmakers local to the nation. The majority of the sites fail to offer e-wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. Yet, the situation has changed over time. Despite the fact that it varies based on the site, players have the option to use Click2Pay or UKash. The betting industry in Nigeria has seen incredible progression, primarily due to the use of mobile devices. Like most, the section that can be accessed will depend on the site. Very few allow withdrawals.

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