A Quick Review of Text Chemistry

Texting has probably been the quickest and most convenient way to communicate since its invention. While many people text for various purposes, many people use it to find love – especially among women. Many men and women today are fond of texting other people to find true love, dating, or simply flirting with other people. In this regard, ‘Text Chemistry by Amy North teaches women how to text effectively while dating men. Here’s what you need to know about this eBook.

Who is the author?

The author of this eBook is Amy North, a Canadian writer having a Social Psychology degree, and an experienced relationship coach. Along with writing, she also offers services and other programs related to social relationships accessible online.

What to expect in the book

So, what can you expect to see from this ebook? In this particular eBook with the title ‘Text Chemistry,’ you get to access 13 videos about becoming an effective texter for dating, along with 3 extra books related to dating, relationships, and love through texting. While this ebook is centered mainly on women, the concepts, principles, and rules also apply to men.

The book has three main parts which include: Texting rules, what to text men in general, and what to text men in particular circumstances.

Rules for texting

The first part of the eBook features the rules for texting to win the heart of any man. At this stage of the eBook, Amy guides the reader or lady texter about the things to follow when texting to win dates. Everyone can text; however, not everyone can gain the results that they want from the other end of the text – especially when looking for a date or love.

On the rules of texting, Amy points out the common mistakes that people make when texting to date. It features the reasons why men are tuned off from certain texts, or what makes men uninterested in women through their texts. By pointing out the mistakes and issues in texts, Amy can formulate effective solutions on how to avoid such mistakes. After identifying the mistakes, specific R-U-L-E-S are set to ensure positive results when texting. RULES stand for a specific procedure when texting to avoid mistakes and to maintain positive results.

What to text

The next part of the book contains all the hints and advice on what you should text men to attract them. as mentioned earlier, anyone can text – however, it is not always the case, especially when you’re looking for a date or love through texting.

This book features 3 approaches to text a guy to win his heart.

The first kind of approach that Amy shares in her book are the ‘early days’ approach which you use to text someone initially or for the first time. The next approach is the ‘dating days’ approach which focuses on maintaining the dating status via text. And lastly, you have the ‘long run’ approach, which is focused on heating things to prepare for the long-term romantic relationship.

Texting in specific situations

The last part of the eBook is about texting in particular situations. Every situation requires a different approach. This part of the eBook focuses mainly on the affectionate approach to messages and situations. It teaches you how you develop compassion toward the guy – if there’s something that men want out of their future wife, it would be a good sense of compassion.

In the eBook, you also get to access 13 videos between chapters to give you a more detailed and visual explanation about the testing procedures, and principles. In addition, you get 3 more downloadable eBooks that guide you on how to date in the 21st century.


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