LG Dual Cool AC: The home appliance with faster cooling and powerful compressor

The demand for Air Conditioners in Kenya continues to rise as the country moves into the future. UNEP estimates that by 2030, the demand would have risen by 70 percent as the temperatures continue to rise. At the same time, about 80,000 units will be sold per year in Kenya by 2030.

Air Conditioners’ manufacturers such as LG Electronics have been racing against time to come up with air conditioners that are relatable and move with the trends while giving a true home life. With global warming now being the reality, the change in temperatures too needs a shift in how ACs are made to give a sustainable and stress-free life to users.

What makes LG Dual Cool AC Tick?

The AC comes with a faster cooling as the powerful compressor delivers enhanced performance and cools faster than conventional ACs. This brings forth the immersion of true coolness and well-being.

Who doesn’t like comfort and convenience? This AC comes with maximum user comfort with least noise as the dual inverter compressor speed is continuously adjusted to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations.

What is more, the monetary benefits when the economy is so hard will leave your pockets “smiling” as the cost of an LG air conditioner with Smart Inverter Technology is recovered in approximately one year while it offers handsome returns on further usage.

When it comes to features, none beats the Dual Cool AC. Some of the key features include:

It has a dual inverter compressor: LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor solves improper cooling and noise problems, resulting in an AC system that cools faster, lasts longer, and runs quieter in a high level of creativity.

The Dual Cool AC comes with an Auto Clean: The Auto Clean feature dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mold and bacteria from breeding.

Automatic control: The air conditioner controls the fan automatically to provide comfortable room conditions and maximizes energy savings up to 70 percent.

The GEN MODE option. This allows the Air conditioner to operate at lower power levels. Thus, home appliances can be used with air conditioners without disruption.

10-year-warranty: With the 10-year warranty on the compressor, users can enjoy the benefits of the LG air conditioner for a longer period.

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