3 Ways to Forward Your Landline to a Cell Phone

It is true that as an entrepreneur, we are always on the go. It means that we are not designed to be stuck at our office desk and waiting for our landlines to ring. But how would it be possible if your clients or customers are dialing your landline number instead of your mobile number? Well, the answer is simple: forward all calls from the landline to your mobile phone. Believe it or not, that is very possible. Let’s discuss below how your landlines and cellphones can work together to provide you a steady call flow.

Why you should transfer your landline calls to your cell phone?

One reason is mobility. Since we are now racing towards new technologies and business competitors are inevitable,
we want to make sure that we retain our existing clients and add or convert our prospects to buying customers.

How can we do that? First and foremost, by enhancing our customer service support system. By providing 24/7 customer support, your customers will have the impression that you are indeed a professional. Despite running your company all by yourself, still, you can create an impact on your clients and prospects.

So, to make it clearer to you, diverting calls from your landline to your cell phone simply refers to the method by
which the receiver with Number AB receives the call directly on his Number CD where the call diverting has been done. There are various service providers and each of them would probably have a unique method of executing the feature.

How to forward landline calls to your mobile device:

  1. The first thing you need is to dial *72 from your landline unit and then wait for the dial tone.

  2. Next, encode the 10-digit mobile phone number where you want your landline inbound calls to be rerouted.

  3. Press the # key or either you can wait for a response stating the call forwarding has already been activated. End the call after the confirmation.

  4. If it seems that the process didn’t work, just repeat the procedure from step 1 to 3.

  5. Also, if you decide to stop the call forwarding feature, just dial *73 from your landline phone. However, be reminded that some service providers may use various codes for call forwarding. You can the service provider’s website such as Telnum where you can find step by step process on how to activate the service.

You should remember that you need to check if your landline number has the capacity to forward or transfer a call to
your existing cell phone unit.

There are three possibilities that you can choose from in forwarding your landline calls to a cell phone. The first is by forwarding the landline number to your cell phone. Simply speaking, this is the most common method being used because of its simplicity. All of your incoming calls are forwarded automatically to your mobile device.

Somehow, despite its simplicity, most entrepreneurs and business owners are not aware that number forwarding can remove the use of landlines. Your service provider such as Telnum will simply reroute all inbound calls directly to your desired number, such as your cell phone.

The second option is to put your landline number into a SIM card. You might still want to retain your landline service
where you can make outbound calling or texting. However, this option will require you to get a plan to substitute your previous landline.

Virtual Phone System – the third Option

Now, let’s tackle the virtual phone system. It is worth mentioning this type of service since we are discussing call
forwarding. With a virtual phone system, there is no need for you to set up the call forwarding service every time you leave your office.

With a virtual phone system, you experience total flexibility and comfortability, plus the assurance that you would
not miss a single incoming call. You can receive and send text messages, phone calls, and even emails. There are valuable features a virtual phone system has that are not available in a landline service.

Final Words

As an entrepreneur or business owner, especially those startups or small-scale businesses, it is of utmost importance to fully utilize and maximize your communication process. Overhead cost is one of the many reasons why you should integrate a phone service that best fits your company without compromising your budget.

If this seems to be overwhelming on your part, there is no need for you to worry. You can get in touch with Telnum any time you want. Telnum is one of the most reliable virtual phone service providers that is dedicated to helping you grow your business. It has a wide range of cloud-based technology phone system that gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable service for your company. Furthermore, Telnum is your one-stop-shop and is always
available whenever you need it and would even help you in evaluating your communication system. Reach out to us and our Tech Specialists will be more than happy to assist you!


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