What to Look for in March Madness

March Madness betting isn’t the same as betting on a regular-season game. The stakes are upped, the lines are tighter, and the betting amounts are bigger. March Madness odds are one of the most searched topics in March.

Using technology you can find an edge to make money. Without further ado, here are five things to keep in mind while gambling on the insane.

The Moneyline and Small Favorites

If a team is a -2 favorite or less, consider betting on the moneyline rather than the spread. These games are likely to be intensely contested and tight. Coverings for back doors and upsets are also prevalent. The juice will cost a little more, but you’ll have the security and peace of mind of knowing that all you have to do is win the game.

You don’t want to take a chance on a team with a -1.5 or -2 point spread and have them win by a single point. In this situation, despite the fact that you would have won if you had picked the moneyline, you lose your wager. You push if you lay a -1 and your team wins by a single point.

Make Sure to Bet Wisely

If you love betting totals, keep a watch out for significant swings when an inflated or deflated number might be profitable. A total of 130, for example, may start at 130 and bet down to 126. Rather, purchase low and take the over, especially if advanced metrics indicate a total of 129 or 130.

Unders can also be utilized in this manner. Keep pace numbers in mind as well. If you’re betting the under, you want sluggish, methodical opponents that suck up the time. Look for teams who play swiftly and have a lot of possessions if you’re betting on the over. This will give them more chances to score.

Keep an Eye Out for Late Movement

Keeping track of line movement is critical when it comes to determining where the money is going. Late adjustments are sometimes the most important since they occur when sportsbooks’ limits are at their highest and sharps’ wagers are at their highest. In the final half hour or minutes before the start of a game, look for line movement.

Consider a line that had been at 7 all day but had dropped to 6.5 in the closing minutes before tip. That would signal that the dog is being used by someone with a lot of money to score points. Keep an eye on juice prices as well to see what happens next. Perhaps you’re a lover of a +6.5 dog whose juice has risen from -110 to -115. This signifies that the hook will most certainly fall to +6, and you should grab it as quickly as possible before it falls.

Choose the Bracket Winner First

During March Madness, it’s not just about wagering on individual games. Filling in brackets is something we all like doing. To win your bracket, you must stand out from the throng. You’ll blend in with the crowd if you use chalk like everyone else. With the Round of 64, the bulk of people begin filling up their brackets from the outside.

Pick the team that you think will win first as the National Championship pick is generally awarded the most points. It’s conceivable to win the first round by one or two points. On the other side, a win in the Elite 8, Final Four, and championship game might be awarded 8, 10, or 12 points. This means that the option that wins the tournament is the most important one you make.

Make Sure to Shop for Different Lines

Regardless of who you bet on during March Madness, make sure you have access to many sportsbooks so you can shop for the best line. If you just bet with one book, you are at the mercy of whatever number they provide. Instead, have a lot of options and place your bet at the book with the best odds.

Purdue could be your favorite team. In your book, they’re a -7, but in another, they’re a -6.5. If they win by seven points, you push. You would have come out on top if you had shopped around and found -6.5. Lower juice and an additional half-point on totals are to be expected. It can make the difference between winning, losing, or tying a game.

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