Maisha Magic East bids farewell to Selina, its hit telenovela

After six riveting, gripping, and emotional seasons, the much-loved Maisha Magic East telenovela Selina is coming to an end. Debuting in 2018 and later simulcasted to sister channel Maisha Magic Plus in 2020, the award-winning fan favourite is one of the longest-running series to have aired on both channels.

The finale will play on Friday 8 April 2022 at 20h30 on both Maisha Magic East (DStv channel 158 and GOtv channel 4) and Maisha Magic Plus (DStv Channel 163 and GOtv Supa channel 3).

Celestine Gachuhi, Pascal Tokodi and Helen Keli have led the fantastic ensemble cast of the series, which follows the story of Selina, a smart young woman from humble beginnings whose intelligence landed her a spot at a top university. Due to her jealous and wicked stepmother, her dreams were ruined, and she ended up working as a helper for the wealthy Mackenzies instead.

But, like the truly gifted woman she is, Selina still saw success in her new life, even though it wasn’t what she initially envisioned for herself – and wasn’t without its intense highs and lows. Over its six seasons, the long-running telenovela has given its loyal fans drama, romance, heartbreak, intrigue, mystery, and twists and turns.

“We would like to thank the cast, crew, and the production company of Selina for the years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to consistently creating excellent content. While the show won numerous top awards, one of its greatest achievements was the way it connected with the audience and found its way into viewers’ hearts,” says Margaret Mathore, Channel Head.

Selina is one of the proudly local productions to have been created by our local creatives for the local audience. Viewers need not worry as we remain committed to creating content that they can see themselves reflected in. Selina launched many careers, and we’re proud to have empowered on-camera and behind-the-camera talent – something we strive to continue to do locally,” she concludes.

Directed by and produced by Reuben Odanga, Selina scooped the Best TV Drama prize at the 2019 Kalasha Awards, while Pascal Tokodi won the Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama at the same ceremony. These are just a few of the top accolades the telenovela collected over its impressive four-year run.

With Selina coming to a heroic end, one we’re confident viewers will be satisfied with, Maisha Magic East is paving the way for yet another gripping local story to keep our audience entertained, enthralled, and enraptured.


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